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[url "git://git.madduck.net/madduck/"]
  insteadOf = madduck:

add virus interceptions
[etc/mailfilter.git] / config / dsn-subjects
1 .*- account closed
2 Address Incorrect
3 Archivo Prohibido:
4 Attachment Filtering Notification
5 automated response
6 Automatic message from
8 Considered UNSOLICITED BULK EMAIL, apparently from you
9 Delivery failure
10 Delivery Notification
11 Delivery Status Notification
12 email delivery error
13 Error Condition
14 failed delivery
15 failure delivery
16 failure notice
17 Illegal IMail List Server Comand
18 Mail Delivery.*fail
19 Mail System Error - Returned Mail
20 message undeliverable
21 .*Message you sent blocked by our bulk email filter
22 Não foi possível enviar sua mensagem
23 Non delivery report
24 Nondeliverable mail
25 Out of Office AutoReply:
26 Please confirm your message
27 Policy Violation
28 Rejected
29 Returned mail
30 Undeliverable:
31 Undeliverable mail
32 Undelivered Mail
33 Unzustellbar:
34 Warning: E-mail viruses detected
35 Your email requires verification
36 Your email.*was blocked
37 Virus intercepted