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2008-05-01 martin f. krafftsplit out debconf mail to separate folder
2008-05-01 martin f. krafftcomplete regexp
2008-05-01 martin f. krafftdaily delay to 7pm
2008-04-22 martin f. krafftpass all d-publicity mail
2008-04-21 martin f. krafftadd dkb to skips
2008-04-21 martin f. krafftadd cede and hackontest mails to skips
2008-04-18 martin f. krafftallow certain senders to pass undelayed, and add penny
2008-04-18 martin f. krafftremove trailing spaces
2008-03-27 martin f. krafftignore a couple of feeds for now
2008-03-25 martin f. krafftalways treat maildir files as text
2008-03-25 martin f. krafftdo not delay dsns from my relays
2008-03-20 martin f. krafftadd google to skips
2008-03-15 martin f. krafftmore spam pattern
2008-03-14 martin f. krafftadd and fix locking
2008-03-14 martin f. krafftfix resubmit script argument processing
2008-03-12 martin f. krafftlet vcs-pkg commits pass justme
2008-03-12 martin f. kraffta skip spamchecks for
2008-03-12 martin f. krafftmake distro@fd list undelayed and pass justme
2008-03-10 martin f. krafftalso match
2008-03-06 martin f. krafftfix cron regexp
2008-03-06 martin f. krafftfilter cron messages from other domains too
2008-03-06 martin f. krafftproperly /dev/null cron mails
2008-03-06 martin f. krafftdo not delay admin mail by default
2008-03-04 martin f. krafftdo not fail if there is just a single message
2008-03-04 martin f. krafftdelete cron mails which will be spooled too
2008-03-04 martin f. krafftno longer record delays in sqlite database
2008-03-04 martin f. krafftrewrite processing of postponed messages
2008-03-04 martin f. krafftfix subject decoding sql-delays
2008-03-04 martin f. krafftadd more keywords to justme exceptions
2008-03-04 martin f. krafftdo not delay ul mail
2008-03-03 martin f. krafftskip spamchecks for
2008-03-03 martin f. krafftrestructure undelaying research-related lists
2008-03-03 martin f. krafftleave X-Tickle header for tickle messages
2008-03-03 martin f. krafftalso look for replied messages
2008-03-03 martin f. krafftfix regexp to avoid extracting sfid with msgid
2008-03-03 martin f. krafftuse RE variables consistently
2008-03-03 martin f. krafftallow early scripts to properly log
2008-03-03 martin f. krafftproperly log ignored messages
2008-03-03 martin f. krafftdo not use addheaders for postpone
2008-03-03 martin f. krafftadd ie and ch paypal to skips
2008-03-03 martin f. krafftonly delay if not already delayed
2008-03-03 martin f. krafftskip spamchecks for tickle messages
2008-03-03 martin f. krafftfix gmail log message
2008-03-03 martin f. krafftremove lca2008 lists from justme exceptions
2008-03-03 martin f. kraffthandle delay disabling more verbosely
2008-03-03 martin f. krafftimprove debian filtering
2008-03-03 martin f. krafftdelay all mail to the afternoon
2008-03-02 martin f. krafftlower SA limit for autotraining ham to unsure crm
2008-03-02 martin f. krafftfix handling of X-Postponed header
2008-03-02 martin f. krafftno more slew magic when selecting expired messages
2008-03-02 martin f. krafftproper handling of X-Postponed header
2008-02-29 martin f. krafftadd script to release delayed messages
2008-02-29 martin f. krafftfix admin eqdomain spamtrapping
2008-02-29 martin f. krafftadd vcs-pkg and new list to justme exceptions
2008-02-29 martin f. krafftfix rules/admin eqdomain spamtrapping
2008-02-29 martin f. krafftfix up tickler
2008-02-29 martin f. krafftremove debug logging
2008-02-29 martin f. krafftremove libtut
2008-02-29 martin f. krafftroute tickler via resubmit and delay queue
2008-02-29 martin f. krafftgracefully handle local message without orig-to
2008-02-28 martin f. krafftfix ul delivery
2008-02-28 martin f. krafftmore bands
2008-02-27 martin f. krafftadd spam pattern matching
2008-02-25 martin f. krafftadd threshold values
2008-02-21 martin f. krafftdisabled msgid-index for now
2008-02-20 martin f. krafftfix subject decoding
2008-02-20 martin f. krafftcleanup sql escaping
2008-02-20 martin f. krafftdecode iso8859-1/utf-8 subject lines
2008-02-20 martin f. krafftenable delaying for all tickle messages
2008-02-20 martin f. krafftlet ignore handle unwanted ul mails
2008-02-20 martin f. krafftfix tickler
2008-02-20 martin f. krafftfix sql escaping and sqlite error reporting
2008-02-20 martin f. kraffttreat mel8ourne chat list as ignore list
2008-02-20 martin f. krafftalways filter gpg mail into inbox
2008-02-18 martin f. krafftno longer read IP
2008-01-24 martin f. krafftdo not skip acm/ieee mail
2008-01-24 martin f. krafftfix skip regexps for recipient lines
2008-01-24 martin f. krafftadd global define to disable delays
2008-01-24 martin f. krafftfix spammer regexps
2008-01-23 martin f. krafftreplace $ with S in log filenames
2008-01-22 martin f. krafftmore spammers
2008-01-16 martin f. krafftadd pageflakes to spammers
2008-01-14 martin f. krafftadd explosions its to skips
2008-01-11 martin f. krafftadd X-Spam explanations for more skips
2008-01-11 martin f. krafftfix skips and add billmonk
2008-01-11 martin f. krafftsend to special gmail plus address
2008-01-11 martin f. krafftadd axa-winterthur to skips
2008-01-07 martin f. krafftadd liszt.d.o to trusted nets
2008-01-07 martin f. krafftadd new ip adresses to trusted networks
2007-12-23 martin f. krafftadd addresses to skips
2007-12-23 martin f. krafftskip spamchecks for paypal email
2007-12-23 martin f. krafftMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2007-12-14 martin f. krafftskip spamchecks for
2007-12-13 martin f. krafftskip spamchecks on doodle mail
2007-12-13 martin f. krafftadd leech
2007-12-11 martin f. krafftadd mtec to justme exceptions
2007-12-04 martin f. krafftignore health and safety bullshit
2007-12-04 martin f. krafftalso skip spamchecks on mails
2007-12-03 martin f. krafftadd riffraff to skips
2007-12-03 martin f. krafftadd address to debian