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descriptionmutt configuration
last changeTue, 3 Sep 2019 22:23:26 +0000 (10:23 +1200)
12 days ago martin f. krafftreduce sleep time to 1s master
12 days ago martin f. krafftdo not autoview application/ics invites
12 days ago martin f. krafftprettify icalparser output
2019-08-15 martin f. krafftshow text/calendar if available
2019-08-15 martin f. krafftbgrun: do not notify about cleanup
2019-08-15 martin f. krafftbgrun: use a subdir as sentinel and for our own workspace
2019-08-09 martin f. krafftbgrun parametrisation
2019-07-30 martin f. krafftbgrun: fixup cleaning up
2019-07-30 martin f. krafftbgrun: notify about output during cleanup
2019-07-30 martin f. krafftrename thorndon mailing list
2019-07-30 martin f. krafftremove resubmit keybindings
2019-07-30 martin f. krafftcouple more phrases to detect german
2019-07-30 martin f. krafftextend attach checks to screenshots
2019-07-30 martin f. krafftbgrun: use delayed cleanup hack
2019-07-30 martin f. krafftbgrun: factor out notifying about viewer output
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftdo not redefine aliases
12 days ago master