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new debian host stanzas
[etc/ssh.git] / .ssh /
2011-07-25 martin f. krafftnew debian host stanzas
2011-07-25 martin f. krafftalioth move
2011-07-11 martin f. krafftnew port for albatrosse
2011-05-16 martin f. krafftchange oerlikon to gern
2011-05-16 martin f. krafftincrease connect timeout for irc
2011-01-30 martin f. krafftadd sysyphys config and move ssh443 to it
2011-01-30 martin f. krafftmove scratch to diamond
2010-12-21 martin f. krafftadd flics like tunes
2010-12-16 martin f. krafftbell is dead
2010-12-14 martin f. krafftadd arnold host
2010-11-14 martin f. krafftchange fwd prot for albatrosse
2010-11-05 martin f. krafftremove hosts I do not use anymore
2010-10-26 martin f. krafftadd khyber-vnc shortcutt
2010-10-26 martin f. krafftadd albatross
2010-09-28 martin f. krafftmove irc back to vera
2010-09-01 martin f. krafftadd franz.ifi
2010-08-31 martin f. krafftadd ControlPersist option to defaults for supporting...
2010-08-18 martin f. krafftadd shelter hostkey and config
2010-08-18 martin f. krafftadd new diamond hostkey and config
2010-08-18 martin f. krafftremove vizier hostkey and config
2010-08-18 martin f. krafftno more diamond@oerlikon
2010-07-25 martin f. krafftadd aika
2010-07-16 martin f. krafftmove vizier to AND
2010-06-27 martin f. krafftenable agent for julia
2010-06-21 martin f. krafftadd imap.m.n host key alias
2010-05-30 martin f. krafftadd stanza
2010-04-08 martin f. krafftadd fishbowl
2010-04-03 martin f. krafftadd domine
2010-03-11 martin f. krafftforward agent to vera
2010-03-07 martin f. krafftadd n900
2010-03-03 martin f. krafftmove irc to bell for now
2010-02-20 martin f. krafftirc back to vera
2010-02-03 martin f. krafftlog in to git.m.n as user git
2010-02-02 martin f. krafftmove git.m.n to lotus
2010-02-01 martin f. krafftadd bell stanza with agent fwd
2010-02-01 martin f. krafftadd stanza
2010-01-05 martin f. krafftadd host alias for irc host
2009-12-11 martin f. krafftadd swan host
2009-12-11 martin f. krafftfix up clegg host ssh setup
2009-11-27 martin f. krafftadd wots
2009-09-20 martin f. krafftmake tunes ipv4 and without control master
2009-09-05 martin f. krafftcvs.d.o is now on alioth
2009-07-29 martin f. krafftchange wall hostname for external access to home pcs
2009-07-20 martin f. krafftfix bellini hostname
2009-07-20 martin f. krafftadd bellini.d.o
2009-06-16 martin f. krafftfix gauting port forwards
2009-06-13 martin f. krafftadd jugband
2009-06-08 martin f. krafftadd
2009-05-26 martin f. krafftadd zlinli
2009-05-21 martin f. krafftadd lotus config stanza and ssh-agent-fwd
2009-05-08 martin f. krafftremove seamus ipv4 rule
2009-05-06 martin f. krafftforce seamus to ipv4 while and easynet are shit
2009-05-01 martin f. krafftkeksli finally has DNS
2009-04-30 martin f. krafftadd keksli, with IP for now
2009-04-15 martin f. krafftmodify helena to be usable from outside
2009-04-15 martin f. krafftupdate for pennys home network
2009-04-15 martin f. krafftno need to specify host key alias
2009-04-13 martin f. krafftmake old wall vizier and introduce new wall
2009-03-23 martin f. krafftdo not limit tunes to ipv4
2009-03-03 martin f. krafftadd backup host alias to pulse
2009-03-03 martin f. krafftadd skynet host def
2009-03-03 martin f. krafftforce tunes traffic to ipv4
2009-03-01 martin f. krafftMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-03-01 martin f. krafftadd ssh443 host
2009-02-10 martin f. krafftpenny is now ipv6-enabled
2009-02-10 martin f. kraffttrust penny with x forwarding
2008-12-08 martin f. krafftadd cvs as alias for gluck
2008-12-03 martin f. krafftpenny is no longer in london
2008-12-02 martin f. krafftadd people as alias for ravel
2008-11-08 martin f. krafftadd
2008-11-05 martin f. krafftadd new hosts to config
2008-11-05 martin f. krafftset username for $
2008-10-31 martin f. krafftdisable the visual host key crap
2008-10-31 martin f. krafftenable visual host keys
2008-09-30 martin f. krafftadd ravel shortcut to config
2008-09-13 martin f. krafftfix wall/embryo stanzas
2008-09-12 martin f. krafftadd opro (clegg dom0)
2008-08-30 martin f. krafftremove stuff
2008-08-29 martin f. krafftlimit clegg to ipv4 for now
2008-08-28 martin f. krafftlock vera to ipv4
2008-07-14 martin f. krafftfix up penny's laptop entries
2008-07-13 martin f. krafftadd sheep
2008-07-13 martin f. krafftmigrate hermia to
2008-06-23 martin f. krafftadd openvpn alias
2008-06-20 martin f. krafftdisable ipv4 forcing for pulse
2008-06-20 martin f. krafftforce ipv4 for pulse services
2008-06-19 martin f. krafftlock pulse to ipv4 for now
2008-06-18 martin f. krafftfixups to hosts
2008-06-18 martin f. krafftadd brick
2008-06-18 martin f. krafftadd mother config stanzas and host key
2008-06-16 martin f. krafftremove unused aliases
2008-06-16 martin f. krafftMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-06-16 martin f. krafftfix ports and add diamond external
2008-06-15 martin f. krafftMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-06-15 martin f. krafftadd hostname to bell/tunes stanza
2008-06-04 martin f. krafftenable server alive messages
2008-05-29 martin f. krafftadd pipere
2008-05-22 martin f. krafftadd diamond
2008-05-22 martin f. krafftenable ipv6 at home
2008-05-22 martin f. krafftadd pict