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add charade fallback stanza
[etc/ssh.git] / .ssh /
2016-06-27 martin f. krafftprovide proxy hosts via diamond
2016-03-11 martin f. krafftadd wafer host config
2016-03-11 martin f. krafftimprove fishbowl finder
2016-03-11 martin f. krafftadd albatross-luks stanza
2016-03-11 martin f. krafftadd new host jugband
2016-03-11 martin f. krafftremove old machines
2016-01-07 martin f. krafftenable smtp and X11 forwarding for wafer
2016-01-07 martin f. krafftenable sockets for local virt hosts
2016-01-07 martin f. krafftdo not automatically update hostkeys
2016-01-07 martin f. krafftsimplify debian host stanzas
2016-01-07 martin f. krafftmove defaults to bottom
2015-12-10 martin f. krafftdisable host key dns for virt hosts
2015-11-25 martin f. krafftdo not autologin as root to virt hosts
2015-11-17 martin f. krafftadd seamus
2015-11-12 martin f. krafftconfig file cleanup
2015-11-11 martin f. krafftadd
2015-11-10 martin f. krafftuse irc-host instead of just irc
2015-11-10 martin f. krafftfix up irc host stanza
2015-11-10 martin f. krafftmove IRC to swan
2015-09-15 martin f. krafftadd pulse.m.n
2015-06-03 martin f. krafftadd bike.m.n
2015-05-12 martin f. krafftadd a new
2015-03-06 martin f. krafftuse my own jumphost for dc.o
2015-03-05 martin f. krafftupdate debconf hosts
2015-01-27 martin f. krafftdo not force fping resolution for all fishbowl hostnames
2015-01-25 martin f. krafftadd shared and annex aliases for julia
2015-01-18 martin f. krafftadd
2015-01-18 martin f. krafftclean up and remove swan
2014-12-26 martin f. krafftImplement proxy locator command for roaming laptop
2014-12-22 martin f. krafftvirt access by IP
2014-12-20 martin f. kraffteasier working with colour-named local virt hosts
2014-12-20 martin f. krafftadd to ssh config
2014-12-18 martin f. krafftrename pulse to piper
2014-12-18 martin f. krafftfacilitate working with local virt hosts
2014-12-16 martin f. krafftdo not forward agent to untrusted hosts
2014-12-16 martin f. krafftfixup! remove dead hosts
2014-12-16 martin f. krafftadd
2014-12-16 martin f. krafftproperly configure fishbowl canonicalisation
2014-12-16 martin f. krafftgern cleanup
2014-12-16 martin f. krafftclean up lehel hosts
2014-12-14 martin f. krafftremove galaxy s2
2014-12-13 martin f. krafftadd
2014-12-11 martin f. krafftadd ssh
2014-12-07 martin f. krafftadd
2014-12-07 martin f. krafftremove aliases for tilde-club
2014-12-06 martin f. krafftadd
2014-12-05 martin f. krafftadd host
2014-12-05 martin f. kraffthostname alternative
2014-12-05 martin f. krafftadd host
2014-11-25 martin f. krafftadd
2014-10-10 martin f. krafftIntroduce
2014-10-04 martin f. krafftMake arnold the new IRC host
2014-10-04 martin f. krafftarnold is MINE, Debian!
2014-09-24 martin f. krafftnew IRC host
2014-09-16 martin f. krafftLet control chan persist for 30 seconds
2014-09-08 martin f. krafftadd git.gern alias
2014-08-13 martin f. krafftdo not specify fishbowl with fqdn
2014-08-13 martin f. krafftadd nelson.dc.o
2014-08-13 martin f. krafftfixup! debian host keys update
2014-08-13 martin f. krafftFix up people.d.o
2014-03-26 martin f. krafftupdate debian scm, host keys
2014-02-17 martin f. krafftadd atom.mtvic config
2014-02-17 martin f. krafftMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-12-24 martin f. krafftupdate port-forwarding for mother
2013-12-24 martin f. krafftalioth.d.o update
2013-09-16 martin f. krafftMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-09-16 martin f. krafftfishbowl cleanup
2013-09-16 martin f. krafftmove albatross to lehel
2013-09-16 martin f. krafftconfig cleanup
2013-06-20 martin f. krafftvizier moved to munich
2013-06-20 martin f. krafftadd matilda
2013-06-20 martin f. krafftremove vera
2013-04-08 martin f. krafftadd matilda as test host
2013-04-03 martin f. krafftfix host key alias for galaxy s2
2013-04-03 martin f. krafftmove albatross to lehel
2013-01-22 martin f. krafftadd github config
2013-01-22 martin f. krafftadd
2012-11-02 martin f. krafftcharade is live
2012-10-14 martin f. krafftcleanup of config
2012-10-14 martin f. krafftadd clegg to config and hostkey
2012-09-30 martin f. krafftno host key checking for dynamic IPs at home
2012-09-12 martin f. krafftmove irc to domine
2012-08-15 martin f. krafftmove to domine
2012-01-18 martin f. krafftremove n900
2012-01-18 martin f. krafftadd galaxy-s2
2011-12-17 martin f. krafftset IPQoS
2011-10-27 martin f. krafftcleanup
2011-10-27 martin f. krafftMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-10-27 martin f. krafftadd flics/diamond
2011-10-27 martin f. krafftshift tunes to diamond
2011-09-27 martin f. krafftupdate brick‚Üímother
2011-08-03 martin f. krafftfix port-forwarded external gern host config entries
2011-08-01 martin f. krafftMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-07-25 martin f. krafftnew debian host stanzas
2011-07-25 martin f. krafftalioth move
2011-07-11 martin f. krafftnew port for albatrosse
2011-05-22 martin f. krafftalioth/scms moved
2011-05-16 martin f. krafftchange oerlikon to gern
2011-05-16 martin f. krafftincrease connect timeout for irc
2011-01-30 martin f. krafftadd sysyphys config and move ssh443 to it