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If you use my repositories frequently, consider adding the following snippet to ~/.gitconfig and using the third clone URL listed for each project:

[url "git://"]
  insteadOf = madduck:

add charade fallback stanza
[etc/ssh.git] / .zsh /
2020-05-07 martin f. krafftrename sshcd to scd, add compdef scp alias
2020-05-07 martin f. krafftescape dir in sshcd
2020-05-07 martin f. krafftimport sshcd function
2020-03-30 martin f. krafftfix up kssh completion
2020-03-30 martin f. krafftuse sudo instead of su
2020-03-30 martin f. krafftdisplay error if sshproxy functions get no arguments
2020-03-29 martin f. krafftsmart kssh completion
2020-03-29 martin f. krafftfix up completion for ssh functions
2020-03-29 martin f. krafftneed to eval the ssh command
2020-03-27 martin f. krafftmore ssh shell helpers
2019-08-12 martin f. krafftuse a function, not an alias to anon function
2019-08-12 martin f. krafftadd utility aliases for zsh
2017-05-10 martin f. krafftremove StrictHostKeyChecking hacks
2017-03-16 martin f. krafftnew naming convention for zsh snippets
2008-08-29 martin f. krafftcorrect comment header source repo location
2008-05-17 martin f. krafftmake _NEW_KNOWN_HOSTS variable local
2008-05-15 martin f. krafftread known_hosts file, not dir
2008-05-14 martin f. krafftinitial checkin