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descriptiontmux configuration
last changeFri, 1 May 2020 00:12:42 +0000 (12:12 +1200)
2020-05-01 martin f. krafftadd xpanes master
2020-05-01 martin f. krafftexperiment with remain-on-exit
2020-05-01 martin f. krafftenable mouse
2020-05-01 martin f. krafftsimplified pane switching
2020-04-17 martin f. krafftswitch to persistent SSH auth sock
2020-04-03 martin f. krafftbind = to sync panes
2020-03-31 martin f. krafftdifferentiate between -s/-t for new sessions on older...
2020-03-28 martin f. krafftif panetitle is hostname, add windowname
2020-03-28 martin f. krafftdo not monitor bell in mtmux
2020-03-28 martin f. krafftcommand to kill session
2020-03-28 martin f. krafftremain on exit is annoying actually
2020-03-27 martin f. krafftdo not reuse client when session ends
2020-03-27 martin f. krafftenable pane title setting
2020-03-27 martin f. krafftkeep panes around, add {} keys to control
2020-03-27 martin f. krafftbind 0 to window 10
2020-03-27 martin f. krafftdo not override default terminal
2 months ago master