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[url "git://"]
  insteadOf = madduck:

util.markup: fixed typos
[etc/awesome.git] / util / markup.lua
2018-10-28 Luca CPZutil.markup: fixed typos
2018-09-14 Luca CPZwidget.calendar reimplemented and renamed to widget...
2018-02-17 Luca CPZMerge pull request #377 from sim590/menu-iterator
2018-02-15 Aleksandr BeliaevWeather widget rewritten; first authorship updated
2017-09-04 Luke Bonhamremoved whitespaced signatures; wiki updated
2017-02-06 trap000dMerge pull request #2 from copycat-killer/master
2017-01-28 copycat-killermarkup: added fontfg and fontbg
2017-01-22 copycat-killerrevert fix coretemp
2017-01-22 copycat-killercal: asynchronous
2015-08-05 luke bonhamsmall fixes
2015-08-05 luke bonhamversion 1.0
2015-08-05 luke bonhamfirst commit
2014-01-21 luke bonhamMerge wiki
2013-09-13 luke bonhamsmall fixes
2013-09-07 luke bonhamreadme updated
2013-09-07 luke bonhamversion 1.0
2013-09-07 luke bonhamfirst commit