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Every one of the projects in this repository is available at the canonical URL git://<projectpath> — see each project's metadata for the exact URL.

All patches and comments are welcome. Please squash your changes to logical commits before using git-format-patch and git-send-email to If you'd read over the Git project's submission guidelines and adhered to them, I'd be especially grateful.

SSH access, as well as push access can be individually arranged.

If you use my repositories frequently, consider adding the following snippet to ~/.gitconfig and using the third clone URL listed for each project:

[url "git://"]
  insteadOf = madduck:

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Project Description Last Change
code/fbi-announce.git announce git commits to FBI 8 years ago
code/gsc.git Git service configuration 3 years ago
code/irssi/scripts-bc-bd.git hacking on the bc-bd irssi... 9 years ago
code/libfactory++.git a C++ object factory 10 years ago
code/mailplate.git reformat mail drafts according... 10 years ago
code/mbuild.git wed sbuild and reprepro 8 years ago
code/molly-guard.git prevent accidental system... 10 years ago
code/myrepos.git hacking on myrepos 3 years ago
code/topgit-ng.git hacking on a new TopGit 7 years ago
code/vcsh.git version controlled RC files 19 months ago
code/vinst.git virt-install wrapper script 13 months ago
code/wifionice-login.git 10 months ago
cv.git my curriculum vitae 5 years ago
debian/graphs/organigram.git graph of the Debian organiation 9 years ago
debian/graphs/package-cycle.git graph of the lifecycle of... 2 years ago
debian/graphs/timeline.git timeline of Debian releases 8 years ago
debian/web/pdo.git my webpage on 7 years ago
etc/a2ps.git a2ps configuration 9 years ago
etc/awesome.git awesome window-manager configu... 5 weeks ago
etc/caff.git caff configuration 9 years ago
etc/crontab.git crontab configuration 14 months ago
etc/devscripts.git devscripts configuration 10 years ago
etc/firefox.git firefox configuration 10 years ago
etc/git.git git configuration 7 months ago
etc/gnupg.git 15 months ago
etc/gtk.git gtk 1/2 configuration 4 years ago
etc/mailfilter.git my mailfilter setup 6 years ago
etc/mrsetup.git mrsetup script to bootstrap... 8 years ago
etc/mutt.git mutt configuration 5 weeks ago
etc/myrepos.git myrepos configuration 15 months ago
etc/offlineimap.git offlineimap configuration 3 months ago
etc/pimutils.git 7 months ago
etc/quotes.git my fortunes cookies/quotes 17 months ago
etc/screen.git GNU screen configuration 15 months ago
etc/ssh.git OpenSSH configuration 8 months ago
etc/systemd.git 15 months ago
etc/taskwarrior.git 7 months ago
etc/texmf.git texmf configuration 17 months ago
etc/tmux.git tmux configuration 15 months ago
etc/top.git top configuration 15 months ago
etc/vim.git vim configuration 12 months ago
etc/vimperator.git vimperator configuration 10 years ago
etc/xscreensaver.git xscreensaver configuration 3 years ago
etc/xsession.git X session configuration 4 months ago
etc/zsh.git zsh configuration 7 months ago
gitweb-conf.git configuration of this gitweb... 16 months ago