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descriptionmy mailfilter setup
last changeFri, 24 Feb 2012 20:24:09 +0000 (21:24 +0100)
2012-02-24 martin f. krafftadd tasker list to ignore lists master
2012-01-30 martin f. krafftadd riedel to immo
2011-12-20 martin f. krafftdebian book handling
2011-12-20 martin f. krafftremove nteconf and logcheck special handling
2011-12-20 martin f. krafftremove signmeup
2011-12-20 martin f. krafftfilter immo
2011-12-08 martin f. krafftbring undelayed senders up to date
2011-12-08 martin f. krafftafternoon ends at 17:00
2011-12-08 martin f. krafftremove delays for current projects
2011-12-08 martin f. krafftdelay only until afternoon
2011-12-08 martin f. krafftno time to follow git@
2011-12-08 martin f. krafftdebian packages i no longer care about need no special...
2011-10-02 martin f. krafftadd spamtraps from spam folder
2011-10-02 martin f. krafftadd smscarrier to skips
2011-10-02 martin f. krafftalso process info@
2011-10-02 martin f. krafftskip-spamchecks cleanup
7 years ago master
11 years ago sql-delays