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2022-07-03 martin f. krafftignore scratch dir master
2022-03-23 martin f. krafftexplicitly specify imap_command
2022-03-22 martin f. krafftLose --fqdn from hostname call because of MacOSX stupidity
2022-03-22 martin f. krafftAutomate SSH keypair setup
2022-03-22 martin f. krafftfixup! Ensure we use the right SSH key
2022-03-22 martin f. krafftAdd instructions to SSH call
2022-03-22 martin f. krafftEnsure we use the right SSH key
2022-03-22 martin f. krafftadd server-side config comment
2020-12-30 martin f. krafftdispose of preauth shell process
2020-12-30 martin f. krafftfull path to preauthtunnel with offlineimap3!
2020-12-30 martin f. krafftreadying for offlineimap3
2020-03-22 martin f. krafftencapsulate preauthtunnel in script
2020-03-22 martin f. krafftswitch bulk offlineimap to systemd service
2019-12-12 martin f. krafftMove SSH config from command line to a file
2019-10-31 martin f. krafftrename ssh key file to include host and not algo
2019-10-31 martin f. krafftSwitch to using systemd-controlled persistent offlineimap
2018-07-20 martin f. krafftexclude duplicate folders
2018-03-08 martin f. krafftdo not run from cron if lockfile exists
2017-08-23 martin f. krafftadd v6 address to known hosts
2017-08-23 martin f. krafftremove obsolete status backend
2016-01-28 martin f. krafftnew imap host
2015-11-09 martin f. kraffthard-code domine as IMAP host
2015-11-02 martin f. krafftexclude retrain parent folder from mbnames
2015-11-02 martin f. krafftuse new ecdsa key
2015-11-02 martin f. krafftupdate prioritised list
2015-10-29 martin f. krafftfix sorting
2015-01-28 martin f. krafftconditionally call notmuch after sync
2014-09-08 martin f. krafftwrite gitignore file
2014-04-05 martin f. krafftAmend functions for new upstream version
2012-11-16 martin f. krafftremove notmuch hook
2012-10-01 martin f. krafftdisable socktimeout
2012-10-01 martin f. krafftimproved exludes
2012-08-27 martin f. krafftmigrate to fs-layout dovecot
2012-07-02 martin f. krafftprioritise new folders
2012-05-13 martin f. krafftchange --quiet to -u Quiet
2012-05-13 martin f. krafftswitch to sqlite status storage
2012-05-13 martin f. krafftupdate idle folders
2012-05-13 martin f. krafftmigrate to offlineimap 6.5
2012-05-13 martin f. krafftno longer need wrapper as account handling/locking...
2011-12-23 martin f. krafftdo not run if metadata directory does not exist
2011-12-23 martin f. krafftset a default account
2011-12-22 martin f. krafftfix function name
2011-12-22 martin f. krafftprioritise immo
2011-12-22 martin f. krafftcleanup
2011-12-22 martin f. krafftrefactor to support independent runs across accounts
2011-12-22 martin f. krafftremove logcheck polling
2011-12-21 martin f. krafftonly check for lockfile if var directory exists
2011-12-17 martin f. krafftexclude the sent folder
2011-12-17 martin f. krafftadd ipqos af12 option
2011-11-21 martin f. krafftenable strace while we investigate #648195
2011-11-21 martin f. krafftimproved lock handling
2011-08-30 martin f. krafftrun notmuch in hook
2011-08-30 martin f. krafftdo not pass -o to oi from wrapper
2011-05-18 martin f. krafftbasic UI is nicer
2011-05-18 martin f. krafftmake it quiet again
2011-05-18 martin f. krafftwrite status to stderr
2011-05-17 martin f. krafftreplace -q with -u quiet
2011-05-17 martin f. krafftnew UI names
2011-05-17 martin f. krafftrun once only
2010-09-13 martin f. krafftadd poor man's priorities to bulk account
2010-08-14 martin f. krafftdo not print info message to stderr to keep it quiet
2010-08-14 martin f. krafftshut up offlineimap during normal cron runs
2010-06-23 martin f. krafftadd bulk account, remove full run logic
2010-06-23 martin f. krafftrename seamus to main account
2010-06-11 martin f. krafftsync store on every run
2010-04-12 martin f. krafftdo not allocate pty
2010-03-24 martin f. krafftgreater connect timeout (60)
2010-03-24 martin f. krafftuse a function call per folder to determine whether...
2010-03-24 martin f. krafftrework logic when to do partial syncs 2
2010-03-24 martin f. krafftrework logic when to do partial syncs
2010-03-24 martin f. krafftglobalise common settings in helper file
2010-03-24 martin f. krafftadd utf-8 coding header
2010-03-20 martin f. krafftimplement lockfile handling
2010-03-20 martin f. krafftenable partial syncs
2010-02-03 martin f. krafftrenice offlineimap run to idle
2010-02-02 martin f. krafftexit after offlineimap if it failed
2010-02-02 martin f. krafftrun offlineimap only every 30 mins
2010-02-02 martin f. krafftfactor out offlineimap to script and call notmuch
2010-01-07 martin f. kraffthide grep output
2010-01-04 martin f. krafftreschedule, and use ionice/nice and route detection
2009-11-23 martin f. krafftrenice offlineimap runs
2009-05-27 martin f. krafftdofsync is called fsync
2009-05-26 martin f. krafftdo not do fsync between every status write
2009-04-24 martin f. kraffthalve the number of connections, 6 is insane load
2009-03-23 martin f. krafftuse ssh multiplexing
2009-03-22 martin f. krafftuse 6 simult. conns
2009-03-01 martin f. krafftMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.madduck.net/~/git...
2009-01-05 martin f. krafftlimit mbnames to main account
2008-12-27 martin f. krafftdo not write mbnames for logcheck account
2008-10-24 martin f. krafftonly ignore actual retrain folders in mbnames
2008-09-17 martin f. krafftfix syntax problem
2008-09-17 martin f. krafftprioritise phd mailbox
2008-08-09 martin f. krafftseparate logcheck syncing
2008-08-07 martin f. krafftadd maxsyncaccounts to enable both accounts in autorefr...
2008-07-31 martin f. krafftadd logcheck mailbox
2008-07-15 martin f. krafftdo not sync Sent
2008-07-15 martin f. krafftdo not sync Trash
2008-06-27 martin f. krafftmove crontab entry to .crontab.d directory
2008-06-16 martin f. krafftignore files
2008-06-01 martin f. krafftadd offlineimap crontab entry