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SSH access, as well as push access can be individually arranged.

If you use my repositories frequently, consider adding the following snippet to ~/.gitconfig and using the third clone URL listed for each project:

[url "git://"]
  insteadOf = madduck:

45 hours ago martin f. krafftassume HTML comes in as latin1 master
46 hours ago martin f. krafftdo not show sidebar by default
46 hours ago martin f. krafftremove my ~ keybinding
46 hours ago martin f. krafftswitch to elinks for HTML dumping
4 days ago martin f. krafftadd icalparser
5 days ago martin f. krafftDump HTML without temp file
5 days ago martin f. krafftHandle attachments via stdin
5 days ago martin f. krafftimproved tempfile handling
6 days ago martin f. krafftupdate vcsh ignore file
6 days ago martin f. krafftadd simple icalendar handling
7 days ago martin f. krafftlists cleanup
7 days ago martin f. krafftdo not hardcode mutt config path
7 days ago martin f. krafftimproved HTML auto_view
7 days ago martin f. krafftAttachment viewing in the background
7 days ago martin f. krafftimport viewmailattachments script from alana
7 days ago martin f. krafftremove obsolete files
7 days ago martin f. krafftrename editing mailcap file
2018-04-11 martin f. krafftnew email address
2018-04-03 martin f. krafftremove notmuch search overrides
2018-04-03 martin f. krafftfilter out spam mailbox
2018-03-11 martin f. krafftmore basic sidebar divider
2018-03-08 martin f. krafftescape the default mailbox for the '=' is zsh
2018-03-08 martin f. kraffttrailing slash to maildir in case it's a symlink
2018-03-08 martin f. krafftlist mailboxes with cron, not offlineimap
2018-03-08 martin f. krafftsource multiple mailboxes files
2018-03-08 martin f. krafftmatch future lca lists
2018-03-08 martin f. krafftadd identity
2018-01-15 martin f. krafftack SPA emails
2017-12-20 martin f. krafftfix up sidebar format for 1.9
2017-11-28 martin f. krafftnew lists
2017-11-28 martin f. krafftgitignore updates
2017-11-28 martin f. krafftME to be acked
2017-09-27 martin f. krafftfix tickler macro to use S not \Cs
2017-07-17 martin f. krafftdo not mark newsletters old
2017-07-17 martin f. krafftnew signing key
2017-07-17 martin f. krafftupdate hooks for changed PGP menu
2017-06-21 martin f. krafftadd gnupg-users list
2017-06-21 martin f. krafftfix resubmit keybinding
2017-06-19 martin f. krafftdo not show unusable pgp keys
2017-03-30 martin f. krafftadd list
2017-03-30 martin f. krafftadd zsh-workers list
2017-03-30 martin f. krafftinclude thread message count in index format
2017-03-30 martin f. krafftadd debian-roadmap list
2017-03-30 martin f. krafftinclude timestamps in file output
2016-12-12 martin f. krafftchange forward subject format
2016-09-12 martin f. krafftadd awesome list
2016-08-05 martin f. krafftfix up lbdbrc
2016-08-05 martin f. krafftsidebar updates for return to neomutt
2016-08-05 martin f. krafftrestore default thread sorting
2016-07-14 martin f. krafftfix up gpg mime part description
2016-07-13 martin f. krafftcomment out obsolete pgp_mime settings
2016-07-13 martin f. krafftremove obsolete sidebar settings
2016-04-20 martin f. krafftexclude subject from prevent-draft check
2016-03-11 martin f. krafftfull date in index
2016-03-11 martin f. krafftfix lca list regexp
2016-01-01 martin f. krafftadd munin-users
2016-01-01 martin f. krafftadd django-developers
2015-11-16 martin f. krafftenable toggling of sidebar view with \
2015-11-16 martin f. krafftleft/right to move sidebar folders
2015-11-16 martin f. krafftAllow opening URLs directly from rss2email mails
2015-11-02 martin f. krafftremove logcheck keybindings
2015-11-01 martin f. krafftadd sidebar experimentation
2015-11-01 martin f. krafftignore h in index
2015-11-01 martin f. krafftnavigation helpers top/bottom
2015-10-31 martin f. krafftremove old mutt-notmuch helper
2015-10-08 martin f. kraffttahi ventures alternate
2015-09-15 martin f. krafftsubscribe to odoo community list
2015-09-15 martin f. krafftadd systemd devel list
2015-07-30 martin f. krafftdisable autoview
2015-07-09 martin f. krafftadd sogo user list
2015-07-09 martin f. krafftadd pf.tahi
2015-07-09 martin f. krafftadd tahi addresses
2015-07-09 martin f. krafftconf liste lebt
2015-07-09 martin f. krafftadd teckids alternate
2015-04-28 martin f. krafftquote filenames in mailcap invocations
2015-04-28 martin f. krafftfix quoting of attachment edit macro
2015-04-28 martin f. krafftimplement "editing" of attachments
2015-04-28 martin f. krafftupdate dc16 list, add dc-kids
2015-04-20 martin f. kraffthardcode file to print to
2015-02-03 martin f. krafftadd unison lists
2015-01-30 martin f. krafftexit on error in any sendmail check
2015-01-30 martin f. krafftremove debug output
2015-01-29 martin f. krafftremove newline from recipients list
2015-01-29 martin f. krafftuse sed instead of formail
2014-12-22 martin f. krafftadd django users
2014-12-22 martin f. krafftadd openssh-devel
2014-11-24 martin f. krafftadd django-users list
2014-10-08 martin f. krafftsubscribe to sandstorm app committtee
2014-09-30 martin f. krafftadd alternate
2014-09-29 martin f. krafftAdd mtfk addresses
2014-09-29 martin f. krafftalternates cleanup
2014-09-15 martin f. krafftadd dc16-capetown list
2014-09-08 martin f. krafftwrite gitignore file
2014-09-08 martin f. krafftadd linux-kernel list
2014-09-08 martin f. krafftadd debconf-sponsors-team list
2014-09-08 martin f. krafftadd debian-user-german list
2014-09-08 martin f. kraffthide grep output in attachment checker
2014-09-08 martin f. krafftadd m_gpg to lbdbq methods
2014-09-08 martin f. krafftremove unnecessary hooks
2014-05-08 martin f. krafftimprove attachment check