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2020-04-19 martin f. krafftno title for HTML mail master
2020-04-19 martin f. krafftadd stafford street list
2020-04-19 martin f. krafftfix word-boundary message matching for attribution...
2020-03-10 martin f. krafftget rid of individual mailbox shortcuts
2020-03-10 martin f. krafftrework saving/storing message keybindings
2020-03-10 martin f. krafftsendmail: single-line recipients list
2020-03-10 martin f. krafftmd2html generate standalone emails (include images)
2020-03-10 martin f. krafftremove HTML-mail title
2020-03-10 martin f. krafftmd2html: introduce block class
2020-03-10 martin f. krafftmd2html: style and size headers
2020-03-10 martin f. krafftmd2html: reformat quotes
2020-03-10 martin f. krafftadd openedu-parents list
2020-03-10 martin f. krafftical-parser: stringify an event label before printing
2020-03-10 martin f. krafftset $mbox to spool
2020-03-10 martin f. kraffthandle tnef attachments
2019-12-05 martin f. krafftgeneralise the X-Bcc-* fields
2019-11-26 martin f. krafftunify context lines
2019-11-26 martin f. krafftdisable opportunistic encrption
2019-11-25 martin f. krafftfail gracefully in absence of offlineimap mailboxes...
2019-11-25 martin f. krafftmake mp-alternative settings sourcing dependent on...
2019-11-25 martin f. krafftmake sidebar settings sourcing dependent on patch existence
2019-11-08 martin f. kraffthandle events with duration rather than end time
2019-11-08 martin f. krafftinclude tty in mutt xterm title
2019-11-06 martin f. krafftenable autolink bare uris extension
2019-11-05 martin f. krafftbetter folder display
2019-11-05 martin f. kraffttry displaying time for message if sent today
2019-11-05 martin f. krafftstyling of tables
2019-11-05 martin f. krafftremove lbdbrc no longer in use
2019-11-05 martin f. krafftdisable smart markdown parsing
2019-11-05 martin f. krafftenable oppenc mode
2019-11-05 martin f. krafftdisable smime replying, as I don't use smime
2019-11-05 martin f. krafftQuote char handling, but disabled
2019-11-02 martin f. krafftpass MULTILINE as a flag, not a count
2019-11-01 martin f. krafftHandle quotes without lead-in
2019-11-01 martin f. krafftproper date format
2019-11-01 martin f. krafftstart using PKA
2019-11-01 martin f. krafftEnable multipart/alternative sending if supported
2019-11-01 martin f. krafftuse mutt -Q to query config
2019-10-31 martin f. krafftadd pandoc as htmldumper
2019-10-31 martin f. krafftadd markup=markdown to content-type
2019-10-31 martin f. krafftfixup! enable and configure sidebar
2019-10-31 martin f. krafftproperly quote commands for reusing messages
2019-10-31 martin f. krafftswitch to urlscan for context around links
2019-10-31 martin f. krafftmake HTML dumper smarter
2019-10-31 martin f. kraffthardcode utf-8 for all email
2019-10-31 martin f. krafftenable and configure sidebar
2019-10-31 martin f. krafftunify wrapping for normal and reflowed text
2019-10-31 martin f. krafftstop using mark_old
2019-10-31 martin f. krafftcheck mail stats for sidebar
2019-10-31 martin f. krafftQuote detection and lead
2019-09-03 martin f. krafftreduce sleep time to 1s
2019-09-03 martin f. krafftdo not autoview application/ics invites
2019-09-03 martin f. krafftprettify icalparser output
2019-08-15 martin f. krafftshow text/calendar if available
2019-08-15 martin f. krafftbgrun: do not notify about cleanup
2019-08-15 martin f. krafftbgrun: use a subdir as sentinel and for our own workspace
2019-08-09 martin f. krafftbgrun parametrisation
2019-07-30 martin f. krafftbgrun: fixup cleaning up
2019-07-30 martin f. krafftbgrun: notify about output during cleanup
2019-07-30 martin f. krafftrename thorndon mailing list
2019-07-30 martin f. krafftremove resubmit keybindings
2019-07-30 martin f. krafftcouple more phrases to detect german
2019-07-30 martin f. krafftextend attach checks to screenshots
2019-07-30 martin f. krafftbgrun: use delayed cleanup hack
2019-07-30 martin f. krafftbgrun: factor out notifying about viewer output
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftdo not redefine aliases
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftdefault argument to confvars
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftLG is too broad to indicate german
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftfix macros to not use history, and jit expansion
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftuse bgrun for images
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftdo not sync mailbox after store
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftdisable opportunistic encryption
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftfix handling special characters in filenames
2019-01-18 martin f. krafftrestore attribution to english by default
2019-01-18 martin f. krafftChange attribution when message is obviously German
2019-01-18 martin f. krafftmove sourcing to top of file because commands evaluate...
2019-01-18 martin f. krafftset fcc-save-hook
2019-01-18 martin f. krafftadd F1 help display
2019-01-18 martin f. krafftsimplify attribution
2019-01-18 martin f. krafftadd modeline
2019-01-18 martin f. krafftre-enable autoedit
2019-01-18 martin f. krafftFactor out confvars to autogenerated file
2019-01-18 martin f. krafftchange attribution
2019-01-18 martin f. krafftmigrate to using mutts attachment check
2019-01-09 martin f. krafftfix mailbox sourcing
2018-12-19 martin f. krafftenable format_flowed
2018-12-19 martin f. krafftimproved handling of attachments with spaces in filenames
2018-12-08 martin f. krafftremove ME from ack-recipients
2018-12-08 martin f. krafftshow uid for events
2018-12-08 martin f. krafftshow x-original-to header
2018-12-08 martin f. krafftset confdir without ~
2018-10-23 martin f. krafftgeneralise bgrunning via FIFO
2018-10-23 martin f. krafftsimplify index format for feeds folder
2018-09-11 martin f. krafftfix elinks viewer
2018-08-20 martin f. krafftput html dumping into a wrapper script
2018-08-17 martin f. krafftassume HTML comes in as latin1
2018-08-17 martin f. krafftdo not show sidebar by default
2018-08-17 martin f. krafftremove my ~ keybinding
2018-08-17 martin f. krafftswitch to elinks for HTML dumping
2018-08-15 martin f. krafftadd icalparser