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pass MULTILINE as a flag, not a count
authormartin f. krafft <>
Sat, 2 Nov 2019 10:37:42 +0000 (23:37 +1300)
committermartin f. krafft <>
Sat, 2 Nov 2019 10:37:42 +0000 (23:37 +1300)

index 540428f1d80f6485eb39357f2a92a976d179bf7a..e3c2b302a6b593daa6e2f6bb4b4613e502e3aca3 100755 (executable)
@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ def _preprocess_markdown(mdwn):
     # convert hard line breaks within paragraphs to 2 trailing spaces, which
     # is the markdown way of representing hard line breaks. Note how the
     # regexp will not match between paragraphs.
-    ret = re.sub(r'(\S)\n(\s*\S)', r'\g<1>  \n\g<2>', mdwn, re.MULTILINE)
+    ret = re.sub(r'(\S)\n(\s*\S)', r'\g<1>  \n\g<2>', mdwn, flags=re.MULTILINE)
     return ret
@@ -153,13 +153,13 @@ def _identify_quotes_for_later(mdwn):
         elif prev and re.match(r'^.+:\s*$', prev) and cur.startswith('>'):
-                              cur, re.MULTILINE))
+                              cur, flags=re.MULTILINE))
         # All other occurrences of blockquotes get the "subsequent" marker:
         elif cur.startswith('>') and prev and not prev.startswith('>'):
-                              cur, re.MULTILINE))
+                              cur, flags=re.MULTILINE))
         else: # pass through everything else.
@@ -174,7 +174,7 @@ def _reformat_quotes(html):
     ret = html.replace('<p>{.quotelead}', '<p class="quotelead">')
     ret = re.sub(r'<blockquote>\n((?:<blockquote>\n)*)<p>(?:\{\.quote(\w+)\})',
-                 r'<blockquote class="quote \g<2>">\n\g<1><p>', ret, re.MULTILINE)
+                 r'<blockquote class="quote \g<2>">\n\g<1><p>', ret, flags=re.MULTILINE)
     return ret