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htmldump debugging
authormartin f. krafft <>
Tue, 19 Apr 2022 17:47:11 +0000 (19:47 +0200)
committermartin f. krafft <>
Tue, 19 Apr 2022 17:47:11 +0000 (19:47 +0200)

index f1750047f6783e50e5b275f44841975429a473e4..29b0706a41fb2a9fb4f48beff0d28f3ecc9fce6b 100644 (file)
@@ -20,8 +20,7 @@ send2-hook '~C @vger\.kernel\.org' 'unset send_multipart_alternative"
 # NOTE: using M-F-T from procmail for now
 message-hook . 'set attribution="$my_attribution_en"'
-message-hook '~b "\\<(Danke|Grü(ß|ss)e|Gru(ß|ss)|Lieber?|geehrter?|Herr|Frau|Moin|Servus|Lg|Deine?|Ihre?)\\>"' 'set attribution="$my_attribution_de"'
-message-hook '~b "Lieber?"' 'set attribution="$my_attribution_de"'
+#message-hook '~b "\\<(Danke|Grü(ß|ss)e|Gru(ß|ss)|Lieber?|geehrter?|Herr|Frau|Moin|Servus|Lg|Deine?|Ihre?)\\>"' 'set attribution="$my_attribution_de"'
 # do not get spam status via imap, as it would download the entire message
 folder-hook . 'set index_format="%4C %Z %-10@date@ %-15.15F %4c%?M?/[%M]? %?H?[%H] ?%s"'
index c15ecd1c199e8432671a84c2b38a0d3c3eac8c88..53b3a2e3dc02bd628dd6b1aa24ab1b679dfeaf9b 100755 (executable)
@@ -20,6 +20,14 @@ elif [ $WRAP -gt 0 ]; then
+awesome-client <<-_eof
+       local naughty = require("naughty")
+       naughty.notify({ preset = naughty.config.presets.low,
+           title  = "htmldump called",
+           text   = [[$@]],
+           })
+       _eof
 if command -v html2markdown >/dev/null; then
   exec html2markdown --asterisk-emphasis --body-width=$WIDTH --unicode-snob \