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rework saving/storing message keybindings
authormartin f. krafft <>
Tue, 10 Mar 2020 19:07:14 +0000 (20:07 +0100)
committermartin f. krafft <>
Tue, 10 Mar 2020 19:07:14 +0000 (20:07 +0100)

index d25af5c8b51f18ce9ac673b861560c3df048294a..e746f3897e28bf37a790905ba8cbd36b99751ae3 100644 (file)
@@ -19,9 +19,12 @@ macro index  p       "<enter-command><enter>" "do nothing"
 bind index             h       noop
-##macro index  L       "<list-reply><save-message>=store<enter>"
-macro index            S       "<tag-prefix><save-message>=store<enter>" "save messages to store"
-macro pager            S       "<save-message>=store<enter>" "save message to store"
+macro index            \es     "<tag-prefix><enter-command> set my_weed=\$weed<enter><enter-command> set my_resolve=\$resolve<enter><enter-command> set noweed noresolve<enter><decode-save>^<enter><next-entry><clear-flag>n<enter-command> set weed=\$my_weed<enter><enter-command> set resolve=\$my_resolve<enter>" "decode message to current folder"
+macro pager            \es     "<enter-command> set my_weed=\$weed<enter><enter-command> set my_resolve=\$resolve<enter><enter-command> set noweed noresolve<enter><decode-save>^<enter><next-entry><clear-flag>n<enter-command> set weed=\$my_weed<enter><enter-command> set resolve=\$my_resolve<enter>" "decode message to current folder"
+macro index            \eS     "<tag-prefix><save-message><<enter>" "save messages to store"
+macro pager            \eS     "<save-message><<enter>" "save message to store"
+macro index            S       "<tag-prefix><enter-command> set my_weed=\$weed<enter><enter-command> set my_resolve=\$resolve<enter><enter-command> set noweed noresolve<enter><decode-save><<enter><next-entry><enter-command> set weed=\$my_weed<enter><enter-command> set resolve=\$my_resolve<enter>" "decode message to $record folder"
+macro pager            S       "<enter-command> set my_weed=\$weed<enter><enter-command> set my_resolve=\$resolve<enter><enter-command> set noweed noresolve<enter><decode-save><<enter><next-entry><enter-command> set weed=\$my_weed<enter><enter-command> set resolve=\$my_resolve<enter><display-toggle-weed><display-toggle-weed>" "decode message to $record folder"
 macro index,pager      E       '<enter-command> source "$my_confdir/supersede-header X-Tickle get-timestamp|"<enter><next-undeleted><enter-command> push S<enter>' "schedule messages with tickler"
 macro index,pager      \ex     '<enter-command> source "$my_confdir/remove-header X-Postponed|"<enter>' "release postponed messages"
@@ -63,8 +66,6 @@ macro pager   p       '<pipe-message>less -c<enter>' "pipe message into pager"
 bind pager             [       half-up
 bind pager             ]       half-down
-macro index,pager      \eS     "<enter-command> set my_weed=\$weed<enter><enter-command> set my_resolve=\$resolve<enter><enter-command> set noweed noresolve<enter><decode-save>^<enter><next-entry><clear-flag>n<enter-command> set weed=\$my_weed<enter><enter-command> set resolve=\$my_resolve<enter>" "decode message to current folder"
 #TODO this is a hack until switch-profile does not readd headers.
 macro compose  e       "<enter-command> set my_editor=\$editor<enter><enter-command> set editor=sensible-editor<enter><edit-headers><enter-command> set editor=\$my_editor<enter>" "invoke normal editor to edit message"
 macro index,pager      e       "<enter-command> set my_editor=\$editor<enter><enter-command> set editor=sensible-editor<enter><edit><enter-command> set editor=\$my_editor<enter>" "invoke normal editor to edit message"