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2014-11-22 Richard Hartmannmr: Make check() even more pedantic deploy master
2014-11-21 Richard Hartmannmr: Add environment variable to check()
2014-11-21 Richard Hartmannmr: Check if unsafe ENV variables are set
2014-11-09 Richard HartmannForgot to `dch -r`
2014-11-09 Richard HartmannTaking over Debian package maintenance from Joey
2014-11-05 admincreating tag page tags/person
2014-10-24 Joey Hessadd news item for myrepos 1.20141024
2014-10-24 Joey Hessprep
2014-10-24 James McCoyFix name for vcsh_clean
2014-10-24 Joey Hessadd news item for myrepos 1.20141023
2014-10-24 Joey Hessprep release
2014-10-07 Joey Hessavoid using "parameter" to refer to settings in the...
2014-09-23 Joey HessAdd a clean command. Thanks, Paul Wise. Closes: #702685
2014-09-23 Paul WiseAdd a clean command that works like git clean -dxn...
2014-09-07 Joey Hesschangelog
2014-09-07 Paul WiseAdd darcs grep command using ack-grep
2014-08-31 Joey Hessadd news item for myrepos 1.20140831.1
2014-08-31 Joey HessFix breakage introduced by --minimal patch.
2014-08-31 Joey Hessadd news item for myrepos 1.20140831
2014-08-31 Joey Hessfix
2014-08-31 Joey Hessfix uninitialized value
2014-08-31 Joey Hesschangelog
2014-08-31 Paul WiseAdd a minimal output mode that shows output when approp...
2014-08-31 Paul WisePass a fake terminal to subcommands when mr is run...
2014-08-31 Paul WiseAlways print a new line after failed commands.
2014-08-31 Joey Hessprep
2014-08-31 Joey HessDeal with abs_path change in new version of perl, now...
2014-06-13 Joey Hessadd news item for myrepos 1.20140613
2014-06-13 Joey Hessprep release
2014-05-28 Joey HessMerge branch 'local_bootstrap' of
2014-05-28 Joey HessSupport "vcsh clone url repo" as trusted checkout synta...
2014-05-27 Joey HessMake mr help work even if the mrconfig file is busted...
2014-05-27 Lorenzo CappellettiCall help() before loadconfig()
2014-04-25 Lorenzo Cappellettibootstrap: document stdin
2014-04-25 Lorenzo Cappellettibootstrap: add support to stdin
2014-04-25 Lorenzo Cappellettibootstrap: rename url to src for consistency with docum...
2014-04-25 Lorenzo Cappellettibootstrap: fix documentation to reflect new capability
2014-04-25 Lorenzo Cappellettibootstrap: add support to local files
2014-04-07 Joey HessAdded lib/git-annex. Thanks, martin f krafft. Closes...
2014-03-22 Frederik "Freso... Point man page to
2014-03-09 Ellis WhiteheadChange mr shebang from '/usr/bin/perl' to '/usr/bin...
2014-02-27 Joey Hessadd news item for myrepos 1.20140227
2014-02-27 Joey Hesssv
2014-02-27 Joey Hessprep release
2014-02-04 Joey Hesschangelog
2014-02-04 Philipp IttershagenSkip comments before checking for control characters.
2013-12-29 Joey HessAvoid using man -l, relying on both versions of man...
2013-11-01 Joey Hesstypo
2013-09-18 Paul WiseUpdate the git ignore list for the new package name
2013-08-26 Joey Hessadd news item for myrepos 1.20130826
2013-08-26 Joey Hessreleasing version 1.20130826
2013-08-26 Joey HessMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/dgit/dgit/sid'
2013-08-19 Joey HessUpdate of manpage and Suggests field for 'mr grep'...
2013-08-19 Charles PlessyDocument the grep subcommand.
2013-08-19 Charles PlessySuggest ack-grep, used with the 'mr grep' command.
2013-07-10 Joey Hessadd news item for myrepos 1.20130710
2013-07-10 Joey Hessreleasing version 1.20130710
2013-07-10 Joey Hessmyrepos (1.20130710) unstable; urgency=low
2013-07-05 Joey Hessadd news item for myrepos 1.20130705.1
2013-07-05 Joey Hessreleasing version 1.20130705.1
2013-07-05 Joey Hessadd news item for myrepos 1.20130705
2013-07-05 Joey Hessreleasing version 1.20130705
2013-07-05 Joey Hessmoved TODO to website
2013-07-05 Joey Hessadd
2013-07-05 Joey Hessadd
2013-07-05 Joey Hessrenamed on github
2013-07-05 Joey Hessbreak example
2013-07-05 Joey Hessfix
2013-07-05 Joey Hessgc
2013-07-05 Joey Hessglobal sidebar
2013-07-05 Joey Hessadd
2013-07-05 Joey Hesspages
2013-07-05 Joey Hessrenaming
2013-07-05 Joey Hessupdate
2013-07-05 Joey Hessupdate
2013-07-05 Joey Hessarchive
2013-07-05 Joey Hessauthor
2013-07-05 Joey Hessadd
2013-07-05 Joey Hesscopy web page from my web site
2013-07-05 Joey HessMerge remote-tracking branch 'mr/master'
2013-07-05 Joey Hessclean out
2013-07-05 admincalendar update
2013-07-05 admininitial commit
2013-06-19 Joey Hessclean rule
2013-06-19 Joey Hessavoid double build
2013-06-19 Joey Hessinstall lib too
2013-06-19 Joey HessAdd make install rule. Thanks, v4hn
2013-06-19 v4hnAdd a simple `make install` rule
2013-05-05 Joey Hessreleasing version 1.15
2013-04-22 Joey HessBetter cvs status. Closes: #694037 Thanks, Paul Wise
2013-04-22 Joey Hessthis needs to be included from within [DEFAULT]
2013-04-18 Joey HessAdded lib/repo, for support for repo (as used in Androi...
2013-02-13 Joey Hessreleasing version 1.14
2013-02-13 Joey HessDrop an extra -m from various commit/record commands...
2013-02-13 Joey Hessfix apparent typo in veracity commands
2013-02-13 Paul WiseBug#695478: [mr] [PATCH] Drop the extra -m from various...
2013-02-07 Joey HessAdded lib/vis, an add-on to visualise repo history...
2013-02-03 Paul WiseIgnore some files
2012-12-17 Joey Hessupdate
2012-12-17 Joey Hessstatus: Now includes information about unpushed changes...