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2019-08-10 martin f. krafftfail softly if pathogen is not installed master
2019-03-23 martin f. krafftfix numbered line formatting
2019-03-06 martin f. krafftRevert "vcards now properly identified"
2019-02-27 martin f. krafftremove tab from flp
2019-02-24 martin f. krafftAdd '.vim/bundle/explainpat/' from commit '8b7939ff8676...
2019-02-24 martin f. krafftAdd '.vim/bundle/password-store/' from commit 'dc759ab3...
2019-02-24 martin f. krafftenable airline
2019-02-24 martin f. krafftenable voom addon
2019-02-24 martin f. krafftadd python ;trace shortcut
2019-02-24 martin f. krafftignore tags files
2019-02-24 martin f. krafftremove vcscommand plugin
2019-02-24 martin f. krafftadd surround addon
2019-02-24 martin f. krafftadd jinja syntax addon
2019-02-24 martin f. krafftadd deb plugin
2019-02-24 martin f. krafftenable pathogen
2019-02-24 martin f. krafftfixup latex-suite installation
2019-02-24 martin f. krafftadd Tabular addon
2019-02-24 martin f. krafftenable ledger plugin
2019-02-24 martin f. krafftupdate vcsh gitignore
2019-02-23 Josef FortierTest ftdetect (settings)
2019-02-23 Josef FortierDebug cleanup
2019-02-23 Josef FortierMinimal test of generate
2019-02-23 Josef FortierAdd password testing
2019-02-23 Josef FortierSort of correct
2019-02-23 Josef Fortiercursorline makes obfuscation more palatable
2019-02-23 Josef FortierSettings work, "increment" works
2019-02-23 Josef FortierRedid config
2019-02-23 Josef FortierChange settings to a dictionary/array
2019-02-23 Josef FortierUpdate README
2019-02-23 Josef FortierAdd password rotation
2019-02-23 Josef FortierGeneralize highlighting
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftremove obsolete mappings and stuff
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftencapsulate local settings in cpo
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftvcards now properly identified
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftvimperator/pentadactyl no longer used
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftremove last position in favour of plugin
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftremove logcheck autocmds
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftversion check obsoleted
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftremove modeline that is no longer needed
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftremove broken symlinks
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftremove snipmate
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftremove closetag plugin
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftdisable list/trailing-space highlighting for mail
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftfix format list pattern
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftutf8 is default
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftimprove format-flowed handling
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftmove all mail ftplugin stuff to after
2019-01-21 Josef FortierMerge pull request #1 from The-King-of-Toasters/master
2019-01-20 Stephen GregorattoAdd support for gopass edit files
2019-01-09 martin f. krafftremove snippets
2019-01-09 martin f. krafftenable format_flowed support
2018-12-19 martin f. krafftnumbered list regexp improvements
2018-12-19 martin f. krafftdisable list/trailing space matching for mails
2018-12-19 martin f. kraffteditor config depending on mail area detection
2018-09-19 Josef FortierRemove superfluous augroup
2018-09-19 Josef FortierPolitiely only set filetype locally
2018-09-07 Josef FortierRed highlight for shorter passwords
2018-09-04 Josef FortierSeparate Command notes
2018-09-04 Josef FortierAdd new function documentation to README
2018-09-04 Josef FortierAdd support for password obscuring
2018-09-04 Josef FortierAdd password obscuring
2018-09-04 Josef FortierAdd doc file
2018-09-04 Josef FortierUse vim as license
2018-09-04 Josef FortierAdd syntax
2018-09-04 Josef FortierUpdate README to describe intent
2018-09-04 Josef FortierInitial setup
2018-09-04 Josef FortierInitial commit
2017-12-15 Andy Wokulav0.9
2017-10-21 Andy Wokulagitignore
2017-10-21 Andy Wokulaadded \{...\}
2017-10-18 martin f. krafftextend flp to work on itemised lists too
2017-10-04 martin f. krafftmake zsh integration depend on vim being installed
2017-08-06 Andy Wokulaupdated to v0.7 (2013)
2017-06-23 martin f. krafftUpdate gitignore
2017-03-16 martin f. krafftswitch vimperator hook to pentadactyl
2017-03-16 martin f. krafftenhanced viminfo
2017-03-16 martin f. krafftlet vim set zsh editor/visual variables
2015-06-05 martin f. krafftmailplate shortcuts updated
2014-10-17 martin f. krafftchange F8 to mtfk identity
2014-09-08 martin f. krafftwrite gitignore file
2014-04-07 martin f. krafftremove notmuch plugin
2014-04-07 martin f. krafftMigrate to new snipmate plugin
2014-04-07 martin f. krafftcheck in mediawiki syntax/ftplugin from wikipedia
2013-11-25 martin f. krafftprofiles update
2013-08-23 martin f. krafftdefault to posix sh syntax
2013-08-23 martin f. krafftitnore netrwhist file
2013-03-24 Andy WokulaVersion 0.5
2013-03-24 Andy WokulaVersion 0.2: include suggestions from vim_use
2013-03-24 Andy WokulaVersion 0.1
2012-10-30 martin f. krafftcheck in snipmate 0.83
2012-10-30 martin f. krafftadd notmuch plugin
2012-06-20 martin f. krafftadd addr abbreviations
2012-06-20 martin f. krafftadd uuid autogen for vcards
2012-04-15 martin f. krafftbreak nroff lines after 75 characters
2011-03-01 martin f. krafftenumerations really will not be three digits
2011-02-18 martin f. krafftimprove numbered list formatting regexp
2011-02-18 martin f. krafftdo not remove n from formatoptions for mails
2011-02-18 martin f. krafftnew iabs
2011-02-14 martin f. krafftdisable vim mail attachment check
2010-10-13 martin f. krafftremove supertab, do not use tab for autocomplete