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2017-02-26 Richard HartmannMerge branch 'master' of deploy master
2017-02-26 Richard HartmannMerge pull request #205 from harendra-kumar/master
2016-06-19 Harendra KumarFix documentation for running git commands
2016-03-26 Richard HartmannMerge pull request #198 from ohspite/fix-git-version...
2016-03-26 Don MarchFix git version parsing when there are spaces
2016-02-21 Richard HartmannMerge branch 'master' of
2016-02-21 Richard HartmannMerge pull request #196 from jotrk/master
2016-02-14 Jochen KeilFix write_gitignore for git version >= 2.7
2015-12-29 Richard Hartmannvcsh: Pass options through to commit
2015-12-29 Richard HartmannMerge branch 'feature/reproducible_build'
2015-12-29 Richard HartmannHandle the French locale in reproducible builds slightl...
2015-12-29 Richard HartmannRevert "t/100-init.t: Fix failure due to locale"
2015-12-22 Richard HartmannMerge branch 'fix/support_old_git'
2015-12-22 Richard Hartmann.travis.yml: Fix Travis CI
2015-12-22 Richard HartmannRevert ".travis.yml: Try to work around Travis CI"
2015-12-19 Richard Hartmann.travis.yml: Try to work around Travis CI
2015-12-19 Richard Hartmannvcsh: Fix condition in clone()
2015-12-19 Richard HartmannMerge branch 'feature/foreach'
2015-12-19 Richard Hartmann_vcsh: Remove list-tracked-by completely
2015-12-19 Richard HartmannDocument `vcsh foreach`
2015-12-19 Richard Hartmann_vcsh: Remove stale completion
2015-12-18 Richard HartmannMerge branch 'master' into feature/foreach
2015-11-29 Richard HartmannMerge branch 'feature/opt-list_untracked-a'
2015-11-29 Richard HartmannMerge pull request #149 from dottedmag/fix-test-git-22
2015-11-29 Richard Hartmannvcsh: Handle Git older than 2.x
2015-11-29 Richard HartmannMerge pull request #183 from ohspite/ff-initial-merge
2015-11-29 Richard HartmannMerge pull request #179 from dottedmag/master
2015-11-29 Richard HartmannMerge branch 'feature/fix-d946b07817ffe6e156c159e7fc627...
2015-11-29 Felix EckhoferSpeed up `which` by avoiding a loop
2015-11-29 Richard Hartmannvcsh: Fix regression introduced in d946b07817ffe6e
2015-11-29 Richard Hartmannvcsh: Default to `git ls-files --exclude-standard`
2015-09-21 Donvcsh: Always fast forward initial merge
2015-08-20 Mikhail GusarovFix broken list-tracked-by -- list_tracked expects...
2015-05-25 Florian Engelt/100-init.t: Fix failure due to locale
2015-05-18 Richard HartmannMerge branch 'feature/status_--terse'
2015-05-18 Richard Hartmannvcsh: Prepare status() for vcsh longopts
2015-05-18 Richard Hartmannt/300-add.t: Fix warning
2015-05-06 Richard HartmannUpdate copyright info
2015-04-14 Eli Youngvcsh: list_untracked(): remove --nocheck-order
2015-04-13 Richard Hartmannvcsh: Fix foreach()
2015-04-13 Richard Hartmanndoc/ Specify how to install as user
2015-04-03 Richard Hartmannvcsh: Implement skeleton of `vcsh foreach`
2015-03-02 Mikhail GusarovFix tests under git 2.2
2015-03-02 Mikhail GusarovAdd test for terse status output
2015-03-02 Mikhail Gusarovvcsh stat --terse
2015-02-24 Richard Use build tag for master
2015-02-23 Richard Hartmann.travis.yml: moo dependencies
2015-02-23 Richard Hartmann.travis.yml: moo
2015-02-23 Richard Hartmann.travis.yml: Less spam
2015-02-23 Richard HartmannMerge branch 'feature/travis-ci'
2015-02-23 Richard Formatting
2015-02-23 Richard Add Travis CI build state
2015-02-23 Richard Hartmann.travis.yml: Use built-in system for Perl deps
2015-02-23 Richard Hartmann.travis.yml: Add build dep on libshell-command-perl
2015-02-23 Richard Hartmann.travis.yml: Use sudo
2015-02-23 Richard Hartmann.travis.yml: %s/^\t/ /
2015-02-23 Richard HartmannInitial support for Travis CI
2015-02-23 Richard HartmannMakefile: Formatting
2015-02-23 Richard HartmannMerge branch 'master' of
2015-02-23 Richard HartmannCONTRIBUTORS: Update
2015-02-11 Richard HartmannMakefile: Delete correct doc dir
2015-02-11 Richard HartmannMerge branch 'feature/tests'
2015-02-11 Richard HartmannAdd pre-commit hook into tools/
2015-02-11 Richard HartmannMakefile: Add `prove` to make test
2015-01-12 Mathias SvenssonFixed typo in vcsh.1.ronn
2014-11-01 Richard Hartmannt/300-add.t: Get rid of useless diag()
2014-11-01 Richard Hartmannt/100-init.t: Update test to match new output
2014-11-01 Richard HartmannMerge branch 'master' into feature/tests
2014-10-25 Richard HartmannFix tests
2014-10-25 Richard HartmannRelease 1.20141026
2014-10-25 Richard Hartmannvcsh: Improve clone() error handling
2014-10-25 Richard Hartmannvcsh: FIX fatal()
2014-10-25 Richard HartmannMerge branch 'feature--clone_branch'
2014-10-25 Richard HartmannRelease v1.20141025
2014-10-25 Dridi BoukelmouneUse cowsay from the PATH instead
2014-10-25 Richard HartmannMerge branch 'feature/repository_specific_configuration'
2014-10-25 Richard HartmannMerge branch 'feature/status_against_remote_tracking'
2014-10-24 Richard Hartmannvcsh: support repo-specific config files
2014-10-24 Richard HartmannMerge pull request #144 from mirabilos/patch-1
2014-10-24 mirabilospermit "-b <branch>" to come later on the command line
2014-10-24 Dridi Boukelmounedoc/vcsh.1.ronn: Document clone [-b `branch`]
2014-10-24 Dridi Boukelmounevcsh: Fail fast if the clone branch is not valid
2014-10-23 Richard Hartmannvcsh: Replace `list-tracked-by` with `list-tracked...
2014-10-23 Richard Hartmannvcsh: Move list_untracked() into correct place
2014-10-23 Richard Hartmannvcsh: Factor out code from status() into status_helper()
2014-10-23 Richard HartmannMerge branch 'feature/list-untracked'
2014-10-23 Richard Hartmannvcsh: Allow `vcsh list-untracked <repo>`
2014-10-23 Richard HartmannMerge branch 'feature--overlay_functions'
2014-10-23 Richard Hartmannvcsh.1.ronn: Make the warning even more scary
2014-10-23 Richard HartmannMerge branch 'feature--improve_clone_errors'
2014-10-22 Richard HartmannAdd documentation for `list-untracked`
2014-10-22 Richard Hartmann_vcsh: Add completion for `list-untracked` and `status`
2014-10-22 Richard Hartmannvcsh: list_untracked(): Avoid `cut`; speed up `-r`
2014-10-22 Richard Hartmannvcsh: Add support for `vcsh list-untracked -r`
2014-10-22 Richard Hartmannvcsh: Remove extra function
2014-10-22 Richard Hartmannvcsh: Use BSD/OS X compatible `mktemp`
2014-10-22 Richard Hartmannvcsh: Fix random tab
2014-10-22 Richard Hartmannvcsh: Make fatal() default to `exit 1`
2014-10-22 Richard Hartmannvcsh: Make status() show commit offsets to remote track...
2014-10-22 Mert DirikReplace temporary repository with copy based method