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[url "git://"]
  insteadOf = madduck:

2013-06-14 martin f. kraffthost moved to lotus master
2013-06-14 martin f. krafftdate update
2013-06-14 martin f. krafftskills and prefs updates
2013-06-14 martin f. krafftadd ansible
2011-06-14 martin f. krafftplace and time update
2011-06-14 martin f. krafftdate update
2011-06-14 martin f. krafftback in munich
2010-10-12 martin f. krafftnew pdf
2010-10-12 martin f. krafftimprove grasp on BA stuff
2010-10-12 martin f. krafftlink pdf appendices from main HTML page
2010-10-12 martin f. krafftupdate neuronics link
2010-10-12 martin f. krafftupdate MIS link
2010-10-12 martin f. krafftupdate CV PDF
2010-10-12 martin f. krafftupdate date
2010-10-12 martin f. krafftforce page breaks with css
2010-10-12 martin f. krafftissue page formatting commands for all media
2010-10-12 martin f. krafftamend address
2010-10-12 martin f. krafftreorg skills
2010-10-12 martin f. krafftfix student work header
2010-10-12 martin f. krafftremove header line
2010-10-12 martin f. krafftenhance prof work and move forward
2010-10-01 martin f. krafftnew pdfs
2010-10-01 martin f. krafftdo not rsync pdfs checked into git
2010-10-01 martin f. krafftremove screen-only from first sections
2010-10-01 martin f. krafftnew pdfs
2010-10-01 martin f. krafftupdated pdfs
2010-10-01 martin f. krafftfixes
2010-10-01 martin f. krafftupdate
2010-07-05 martin f. krafftfix lero name
2010-07-05 martin f. krafftlink update
2010-07-05 martin f. krafftcontact update
2010-07-05 martin f. krafftdate update
2009-11-07 martin f. krafftinitial checkin