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[url "git://git.madduck.net/madduck/"]
  insteadOf = madduck:

Merge pull request #398 from BarbUk/feature/tpbat/configurable-battery-thresholds
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2017-10-05 Luke Bonhampulseaudio -> pulse; scallback merged into cmd (read...
2015-08-05 luke bonhamwiki submodule updated
2015-08-05 luke bonhamwiki updated
2015-08-05 luke bonhamfull dynamic tagging and wiki added
2015-06-24 luke bonhamwiki submodule updated
2015-06-24 luke bonhamwiki updated
2014-01-21 luke bonhamMerge wiki
2013-09-19 luke bonhamfull dynamic tagging and wiki added