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2017-02-08 copycat-killercalendar, #289: attempt to assert notification timeout...
2017-02-08 copycat-killerlain.widgets -> lain.widget
2017-02-08 copycat-killerabase renamed to watch; #312: wiki updated
2017-02-07 copycat-killerMerge branch 'trap000d-master'
2017-02-07 Aleksandr BeliaevFix for local vs utc time offset
2017-02-07 copycat-killerMerge branch 'master' of
2017-02-07 copycat-killercalendar: fix #289
2017-02-07 copycat-killerfix typo; closes #311
2017-02-07 Trap000dMerge branch 'master' of
2017-02-07 Aleksandr BeliaevFix for local vs utc time offset
2017-02-06 copycat-killerutil: magnify_client/mc: added width and height factors...
2017-02-06 Aleksandr BeliaevFix for local vs utc time offset
2017-02-06 trap000dMerge pull request #2 from copycat-killer/master
2017-02-04 copycat-killer#308 fix
2017-02-03 Calvin TimmerAllow multiple instances of the pulseaudio widget
2017-02-03 copycat-killer#300 cal: revert highlight command; #308 mpd: escape...
2017-02-01 copycat-killerwiki updated
2017-02-01 copycat-killerfix #300
2017-02-01 Luke BonhamMerge pull request #303 from 2009/patch-4
2017-02-01 2009Fix calender widget not highlighting date
2017-01-31 copycat-killercal: remove os-dependent flag; #299 #300
2017-01-31 copycat-killerfix #298
2017-01-30 Luke BonhamMerge pull request #297 from 2009/patch-3
2017-01-30 Luke BonhamMerge pull request #296 from 2009/patch-2
2017-01-30 2009Fix typo so notification_preset can be overidden
2017-01-30 2009Bugfix markup was not defined
2017-01-30 martin f. kraffticedove is thunderbird now
2017-01-30 martin f. krafftremove debug output
2017-01-30 martin f. krafftbetter battery indication
2017-01-29 copycat-killerwiki updated
2017-01-29 copycat-killerbase: removed
2017-01-29 copycat-killer#289 fix attempt
2017-01-28 copycat-killermarkup: added fontfg and fontbg
2017-01-28 copycat-killerwiki updated
2017-01-28 copycat-killercalendar: separate args from attach; closes #294
2017-01-27 copycat-killermaildir: turned into an abase example
2017-01-27 copycat-killerwipe away beautiful reference
2017-01-27 copycat-killerwiki enhanced
2017-01-27 daurnimatorREADME: Add link to docs on github
2017-01-27 daurnimatorREADME: Fix formatting
2017-01-27 daurnimatorREADME: Add header
2017-01-27 daurnimatorluatz/tzfile: Add luacheck annotation
2017-01-27 daurnimatorNEWS: Add NEWS file
2017-01-27 daurnimatordoc/: Cleanup, add Makefile
2017-01-27 daurnimatorREADME: Update luarocks link
2017-01-27 daurnimatorluatz/timetable: Fix incorrect math for negative carry...
2017-01-26 copycat-killer#293: eradicate proxy widget
2017-01-26 copycat-killerlayouts: geometry computation aligned to v4.0 API;...
2017-01-25 copycat-killerimap: password can now be a string, a table or a functi...
2017-01-25 copycat-killerwiki updated
2017-01-25 copycat-killerMerge branch 'Veratil-awesome-v4-layout-fix'
2017-01-25 copycat-killerMerge branch 'awesome-v4-layout-fix' of https://github...
2017-01-25 copycat-killer{alsa,pulse}bar: remove reset_timeout due to (timer...
2017-01-25 copycat-killer#288 trying metatables
2017-01-25 Kevin ZanderFix bugs with v4 API update
2017-01-25 copycat-killer#290 forgot fs
2017-01-25 copycat-killercalendar: fix async hanging notifications; closes #289
2017-01-25 copycat-killerno need to set naughty.config.defaults as preset, becau...
2017-01-25 copycat-killerfix #288
2017-01-25 copycat-killermpd: missing icon fix
2017-01-24 copycat-killercal: terminal-colors.d independent highlight matching...
2017-01-24 copycat-killerfix and complete pull #286
2017-01-24 Luke BonhamMerge pull request #286 from aajjbb/fix-alsa-channel
2017-01-24 aajjbbMake amixer get information only from the selected...
2017-01-24 Luke BonhamMerge pull request #284 from BarbUk/master
2017-01-24 BarbUkfix 'attempt to index a nil value (global self)'
2017-01-24 copycat-killerfix #280
2017-01-24 copycat-killerfixed typo
2017-01-24 copycat-killer#250 missing file patch
2017-01-24 copycat-killerreadme updated
2017-01-24 copycat-killermem: adjusted calculation; #271
2017-01-24 Luke BonhamMerge pull request #282 from 2009/patch-1
2017-01-24 Luke BonhamMerge pull request #279 from renatofdds/patch-1
2017-01-24 Luke BonhamMerge pull request #281 from alandmoore/master
2017-01-24 copycat-killerhelpers.newtimer: added stoppable option
2017-01-24 2009Fix bug where net widget would not get the device name
2017-01-24 Alan D MooreFix regression in pulsebar.lua
2017-01-24 Renato FFix regression in net.lua widget
2017-01-23 copycat-killercenterworkh default icons added
2017-01-23 copycat-killerlain is now as asynchronous as possible
2017-01-23 copycat-killerimap: fixed async call
2017-01-23 copycat-killertaskwarrior: asynchronous; #213 enhanced
2017-01-23 copycat-killeralsa{bar}: add togglechannel back
2017-01-23 copycat-killeralsabar: forgot callback
2017-01-23 copycat-killerquake: add settings function; closes #273
2017-01-23 copycat-killerwiki updated
2017-01-23 copycat-killeralsabar: revert #275; remove buttons and beautiful...
2017-01-23 copycat-killeralsabar: revert #275; remove buttons and beautiful...
2017-01-23 Luke BonhamMerge pull request #275 from ProfessorOptics/master
2017-01-23 copycat-killermem: math.floor->ceil and substract SReclaimable too...
2017-01-23 ProfessorOpticsfixed spelling heigth > height; added support for mouse...
2017-01-22 copycat-killeradded issue_template
2017-01-22 copycat-killersmall fixes
2017-01-22 copycat-killerrevert fix coretemp
2017-01-22 copycat-killercal: asynchronous
2017-01-21 copycat-killercontrib.kbdlayout: asynchronous
2017-01-21 copycat-killerquake: client maximized before awesome restart: after...
2017-01-21 copycat-killernet: asynchronous
2017-01-21 copycat-killerfs/alsabar: small fixes
2017-01-20 copycat-killerimap: asynchronous: forgot shell