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2022-09-01 martin f. krafftadd dallarmi abbrevs master
2022-09-01 martin f. krafftremove snippets
2022-02-03 martin f. krafftuse provided python snippets
2022-02-03 martin f. krafftultisnips listing with q
2022-02-03 martin f. krafftRevert "Move iabs to UltiSnips"
2022-02-03 martin f. krafftadd flake8 exceptions to trace line
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftUpdate vcsh gitignore file
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftNo longer using vimplate
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftuse artesanal colour scheme
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftMerge commit '907d4569b0384e76f9e3ca4a6a7ee917712c031d...
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftenable lastplace
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftblack pyenv
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftEnable khuno
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftmarkdown config
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftSpecial markdown configuration for in mail mode
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftenable editorconfig
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftEnable fugitive
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftEnable YCM
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftBetter map for funky arrow
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftRemove airline config
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftRemove unused navigation maps
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftWhatHighlight syntax analysis
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftDo not use special navigation for wrap mode
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftHandle #. formatted lists in &flp
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftnew lbdbq plugin location
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftUpdated settings for Python
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftvim-snippets enabled
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftAdd '.vim/bundle/black/' from commit '2f3fa1f6d0cbc2a3f...
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftAdd '.vim/bundle/vim-python-pep8-indent/' from commit...
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftAdd '.vim/bundle/vim-flake8/' from commit 'ddceec6c457f...
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftMove iabs to UltiSnips
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftconfigure ultisnips
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftBetter mail backup writing
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftmake markdown formatting available in mail
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftupdate mail identity shortcuts
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftremove broken symlinks
2021-10-12 Zac Hatfield... Fix feature detection for positional-only arguments...
2021-10-05 Mathieu Kniewallnerchore(ci): use official Python 3.10 (#2521)
2021-10-05 Richard SiBump typed-ast minimum to 1.4.3 for 3.10 compat (#2519)
2021-10-02 Richard SiMNT: remove unnecessary test deps + some refactoring...
2021-09-29 Fergus MitchellAdd --workers CLI parameter (fixes #2513) (#2514)
2021-09-29 shaoranAllow to pass the FileMode options in the vim plugin...
2021-09-28 Richard SiFix python_version markers in Pipfile.lock (#2511)
2021-09-25 Marco Edward... Add test to cover when unable to replace magics (#2471)
2021-09-25 Zsolt DollensteinBump required aiohttp version to 3.7.4 (#2509)
2021-09-25 Zsolt Dollensteinre-implement simple CORS middleware for blackd (#2500)
2021-09-24 Deepyaman DattaAdd Kedro to project list and QuantumBlack to orgs...
2021-09-19 Clément RobertDOC: cleanup pre-commit instructions following #2430...
2021-09-19 Marco Edward... add check for version in the-basics example (#2459)
2021-09-18 Zsolt Dollensteinfix all b904s (#2501)
2021-09-14 Jelle ZijlstraUpdate for 21.9b0 release (#2494)
2021-09-06 Sorin SbarneaFix missing toml extra w/ setuptools-scm (GH-2475)
2021-09-05 Marco Edward... Remove `blackcellmagic` reference (#2477)
2021-09-01 Jameel Al-AzizAdd hidden import to PyInstaller build (GH-2466)
2021-08-31 pszlazakChange docker workflow for latest_release tag (#2468)
2021-08-30 arufix: run pypi / docker upload from published draft...
2021-08-29 Richard SiExclude broken typing-extensions version + fix import...
2021-08-29 Richard SiPrepare for release 21.8b0 (#2458)
2021-08-28 Richard SiPin setuptools-scm build time dependency (#2457)
2021-08-28 Marco Edward... add test which covers stdin filename ipynb (#2454)
2021-08-28 Marco Edward... set mypy_path in mypy.ini (#2455)
2021-08-27 Marco Edward... Document jupyter hook (#2416)
2021-08-26 Richard Siblib2to3: support unparenthesized wulruses in more...
2021-08-26 Richard SiStop changing return type annotations to tuples (#2384)
2021-08-26 Richard SiMNT: add pull request template (#2443)
2021-08-24 Cooper LeesAdd cpython Lib/ repository config into primer config...
2021-08-24 erykoffChange sys.exit to raise ImportError (#2440)
2021-08-23 Richard SiAdd test requirements to Pipfile[.lock] & bump deps...
2021-08-23 Richard SiImprove f-string expression detection regex so ......
2021-08-20 Nipunn KoorapatiPresent a more user-friendly error if .gitignore is...
2021-08-18 Aneesh AgrawalRemove `language_version` for pre-commit (#2430)
2021-08-16 Stefan WimmerEnhance transparency to SignColumn and FoldColumn
2021-08-16 Marco Edward... Add jupyter deps to Pipfile.lock (#2419)
2021-08-12 Tom FryersUpdate language server links (#2425)
2021-08-12 arufix: remove unneccessary escape character (#2423)
2021-08-06 Marco Edward... Jupyter notebook support (#2357)
2021-08-06 Taneli HukkinenFix type dependencies of mypy invocation (#2411)
2021-07-28 Hugo van KemenadeTest on Python 3.10-dev (#2406)
2021-07-28 Richard SiFix issue templates + add docs template (#2399)
2021-07-25 Richard SiAdd ESP to sqlalchemy for black-primer (#2400)
2021-07-24 Jelle ZijlstraClarify contributing docs (#2398)
2021-07-22 David Szottenisort docs have changed urls (#2390)
2021-07-17 Jelle Zijlstraadd context manager to temporarily change the cwd ...
2021-07-16 Bernát GáborUse platformdirs over appdirs (#2375)
2021-07-16 Cooper LeesUpdate for 21.7b0 release (#2376)
2021-07-16 pszlazakCreate Docker tag 'latest_release' (#2374)
2021-07-16 Richard SiDon't include profiling/ to cut down sdist by ~2x ...
2021-07-13 Felix HildénImprove AST safety parsing error message (#2304)
2021-07-12 Richard SiSwitch `toml` TOML library for `tomli` (#2301)
2021-07-12 Łukasz LangaAdd LocalStack and Twisted to projects using Black
2021-07-11 Marco Edward... Second run of tox -e py results in a test error for...
2021-07-10 Felix HildénUse setuptools.find_packages in setup (#2363)
2021-07-09 Richard SiAvoid src being marked as optional in help (#2356)
2021-07-06 Vincent DriessenMerge pull request #93 from pmrowla/ignore-count
2021-07-06 Peter Rowlandsignore --count lines
2021-07-04 Marco Edward... fix typo (#2358)
2021-06-23 simakiAccept empty stdin (close #2337) (#2346)
2021-06-22 Taneli HukkinenGet `click` types from main repo (#2344)
2021-06-22 SADIK KUZUUpdate pre-commit config (#2331)
2021-06-17 Art ChaidarunAdd Duolingo to list of users (#2341)