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[url "git://"]
  insteadOf = madduck:

2011-08-03 martin f. krafftedalias/edfunc functions
2011-08-03 martin f. krafftmake zle abbreviations work
2011-08-03 martin f. krafftsetopt longlistjobs
2011-08-03 martin f. krafftadd insert-unicode-char
2011-08-03 martin f. krafftglobal alias L for less
2011-08-03 martin f. krafftadd insert-last-word keybinding
2011-08-03 martin f. krafftinsert timestamp with esc-t
2011-08-03 martin f. krafftfix history-search-end
2011-08-03 martin f. kraffthash apt archives dir
2011-08-03 martin f. krafftdefault to cdt prefix in tempfuncs
2011-05-19 martin f. krafftadd larger font to termfonts
2011-05-19 martin f. krafftadd ND/NF global aliases
2011-05-19 martin f. krafftfix quoting in getpw
2011-03-14 martin f. krafftinitial checking of getpw
2011-02-23 martin f. kraffttempfuncs can now incorporate a keyword into the file...
2010-10-19 Yaroslav HalchenkoBF: giturl -- support SSH access URLs for github, i...
2010-10-19 Yaroslav HalchenkoENH: giturl -- determines tracked remote (if not origin...
2010-10-19 martin f. krafftlet p return raw paste url
2010-08-02 martin f. krafftprint gitweb baseurl too
2010-07-30 martin f. krafftoldstyle fixes
2010-07-30 martin f. krafftMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-07-30 martin f. krafftmore flexible giturl handling
2010-07-30 martin f. krafftcomment update
2010-07-30 martin f. krafftoutput additional information
2010-07-30 martin f. krafftalways append .git
2010-06-15 martin f. krafftadd giturl function
2010-05-31 martin f. krafftadd zle keybinding to insert a datestamp
2010-05-08 martin f. krafftproperly create tmpdir if it doesn't exist
2010-03-11 martin f. krafftadd gbs function to setup a git branch
2010-02-05 martin f. krafftfix branch detection
2010-02-05 martin f. krafftdo not print preprompt in git bare repos
2010-02-05 martin f. krafftfix branch detection in fake bare git repos
2009-12-19 martin f. krafft-e apparently does not cover links, shell sucks
2009-12-19 martin f. krafftonly mkdir TMPDIR if nonexistent
2009-09-19 martin f. krafftsourcedir also processess symlinks
2009-09-19 martin f. krafftfix url
2009-09-13 martin f. krafftmake vcsh a zsh script if executed
2009-07-20 martin f. krafftrename latin dict function to tn and prefix auto-genera...
2009-07-20 martin f. krafftmake lscontext a short ls
2009-07-15 martin f. krafftuse slexy as pastebin
2009-06-16 martin f. krafftadd hex-to/from-binary conversion
2009-06-12 martin f. krafftuse ellipsis in git preprompt
2009-05-22 martin f. krafft~log is already factored out for lless
2009-05-22 martin f. krafftadd process inspection functions
2009-05-22 martin f. krafftadd lgrep function
2009-05-22 martin f. krafftmake log tailing and paging more generic
2009-05-22 martin f. krafftcleanup doc completion
2009-05-22 martin f. krafftadd trace function
2009-05-22 martin f. krafftcleanup
2009-05-22 martin f. krafftdo not use ugly colours on pid selection
2009-05-18 martin f. krafftuse … in prompt expansion truncation
2009-05-08 martin f. krafftfix xmms2 jump completion sorting
2009-04-28 martin f. krafftmktemp only takes six characters now
2009-04-25 martin f. krafftprefer NZ over GB
2009-04-20 martin f. krafftignore failure when setopt histfcntllock, is-at-least...
2009-04-08 martin f. krafftuse stikked pastebin
2009-03-30 martin f. krafftset compsys filename earlier
2009-03-30 martin f. kraffthack to prevent multiple devtodo runs on chpwd
2009-03-01 martin f. krafftinitial checkin of svngit script/function
2009-03-01 martin f. krafftinitial checkin of gitpub script/function
2009-02-17 martin f. krafftuse rafb instead of broken
2009-02-11 martin f. krafftuse - for stdin
2009-01-05 martin f. krafftredirect errors from git-diff to null
2008-12-13 martin f. krafftre-execute zsh with same options as parent
2008-12-09 martin f. kraffttag initial commit with giti
2008-12-06 martin f. krafftpipe w through cat due to #183394
2008-11-28 martin f. krafftenable edit-command-line widget
2008-11-17 martin f. krafftoutput short listing as context
2008-11-17 martin f. krafftmake l output a shorter listing
2008-10-13 martin f. krafftadd debian aliases for sub/unsub
2008-10-13 martin f. krafftgeneric aliases bugfix by sourcing them again
2008-10-06 martin f. krafftreset SHLVL for login shells
2008-10-01 martin f. krafftfix xtermtitle printing for non-local machines
2008-09-30 martin f. krafftdo not include machine name when working locally
2008-09-30 martin f. krafftadd initial vcs_info setup, not yet used
2008-09-18 martin f. krafftimplement pasting via pastebinit
2008-09-13 martin f. krafftmake completion more strict and enable corrections
2008-08-28 martin f. krafftfix git source repository url
2008-08-28 martin f. krafftlimit fonts
2008-08-28 martin f. krafftmore specific sizes for fonts
2008-07-31 martin f. krafftMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-07-31 martin f. krafftrafb is no more, replace with simple pub/vit combo
2008-07-31 martin f. krafftMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-07-31 martin f. krafftadd copyright/comment header
2008-07-25 martin f. krafftmake urlencode executable
2008-07-18 martin f. krafftdo not quit less if single screen
2008-07-18 martin f. krafftremove _path_files since #486785 seems fixed
2008-07-16 martin f. krafftadd temp hack for #486785
2008-07-14 martin f. krafftreturn to proper lscontext
2008-06-29 martin f. krafftshow todo items on entry to dir
2008-06-29 martin f. krafftonly ls last-accessed files to half screen height on...
2008-06-29 martin f. krafftremove ls aliases we never use
2008-06-29 martin f. krafftadd non-reversing ls -t aliases
2008-06-29 martin f. krafftno need to run preprompt on chpwd
2008-06-27 martin f. krafftsmarter printing of git-diff
2008-06-27 martin f. krafftprint diffstat to console when there are changes
2008-06-27 martin f. krafftoutput lrt on chpwd first
2008-06-27 martin f. krafftno git status or diff on vcsh entry
2008-06-27 martin f. krafftadd mdtest alias for swaks
2008-06-26 martin f. krafftadd functions for easy bug sub and unsub