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process tickle submissions with delayed queue
[etc/mailfilter.git] / procmail / tickle
2007-09-23 martin f. krafftprocess tickle submissions with delayed queue
2007-09-23 martin f. krafftreuse BIN_DATE variable and slight reorg
2007-09-23 martin f. krafftextract headers early, also tickle-delivered, and clean...
2007-09-23 martin f. krafftuse queue postfix on variables
2007-09-23 martin f. krafftmake tickler use deliver as well
2007-09-23 martin f. krafftmake all deliveries happen late
2007-08-28 martin f. krafftmake tickle processing more robust
2007-08-26 martin f. kraffttimestamp on delivery to inbox
2007-08-26 martin f. krafftadd long date to header
2007-08-26 martin f. krafftallow multidigit timespecs
2007-08-26 martin f. krafftrewrite tickler for new system
2007-08-22 martin f. krafftadd tickler receiver