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Remove `blackcellmagic` reference (#2477)
authorMarco Edward Gorelli <>
Sun, 5 Sep 2021 14:52:16 +0000 (15:52 +0100)
committerGitHub <>
Sun, 5 Sep 2021 14:52:16 +0000 (07:52 -0700)
This package seems to be unmaintained (last commit is from > 2 years ago), and `black` now runs on Jupyter Notebooks directly


index b1ca84e42fc063461840ef019d4ed83fbb3909a3..6098631e2a0996a2d0cfdafa9e215076002292f9 100644 (file)
@@ -291,10 +291,6 @@ Use the
 Use [sublack plugin](
-## Jupyter Notebook Magic
-Use [blackcellmagic](
 ## Python LSP Server
 If your editor supports the [Language Server Protocol]( (Atom,