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properly anchor Content-class match
[etc/mailfilter.git] / procmail / justme
2009-03-23 martin f. krafftadd yahoogroups confirmations to justme exceptions
2009-03-23 martin f. krafftdo not limit confirmation justme exceptions to mass.m.n
2009-03-01 martin f. krafftpass launchpad validation emails through justme
2008-12-11 martin f. krafftlet smartlist confirmations pass
2007-10-03 martin f. krafftdo not skip spamchecks for messages from our domain
2007-09-25 martin f. krafftonly match name at word boundaries in justme
2007-09-25 martin f. krafftdo discarding in a central place
2007-09-25 martin f. krafftlet googlegroups confirmations pass justme
2007-09-23 martin f. krafftjustme from own machine/in-reply-to for all, due to...
2007-08-23 martin f. krafftalso let mailman password reminders pass justme
2007-08-23 martin f. krafftadd majordomo confirmation exceptions to justme
2007-08-22 martin f. krafftfixing and improving mailman commit justme exception
2007-08-22 martin f. krafftlet mailman confirms pass justme
2007-08-22 martin f. krafftdo not need BH flags on those justme recipes
2007-08-21 martin f. krafftadd headers also to discarded mail
2007-08-17 martin f. krafftMerge branch 'no-more-albatross'
2007-08-17 martin f. krafftremove trailing ws
2007-08-17 martin f. krafftwrite justme headers at the end
2007-08-14 martin f. krafftremove verbose
2007-08-14 martin f. krafftfix detection for messages from my machine
2007-08-09 martin f. krafftinitial checkin