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remove trailing spaces
[etc/mailfilter.git] / procmail / defines
2008-04-18 martin f. krafftremove trailing spaces
2008-03-04 martin f. krafftfix subject decoding sql-delays
2008-03-03 martin f. krafftleave X-Tickle header for tickle messages
2008-03-03 martin f. krafftallow early scripts to properly log
2008-03-03 martin f. krafftdelay all mail to the afternoon
2008-03-02 martin f. krafftlower SA limit for autotraining ham to unsure crm
2008-03-02 martin f. krafftproper handling of X-Postponed header
2008-02-29 martin f. krafftfix up tickler
2008-02-29 martin f. krafftroute tickler via resubmit and delay queue
2008-02-29 martin f. krafftgracefully handle local message without orig-to
2008-02-20 martin f. krafftfix subject decoding
2008-02-20 martin f. krafftdecode iso8859-1/utf-8 subject lines
2008-02-20 martin f. krafftfix tickler
2008-01-24 martin f. krafftadd global define to disable delays
2007-12-23 martin f. krafftMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.madduck.net/~/git...
2007-11-21 martin f. krafftMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.madduck.net/~/git...
2007-11-12 martin f. krafftadd commented code to decode subject lines
2007-09-25 martin f. krafftprolong standard delays by two hours
2007-09-23 martin f. krafftdeliver spam directly, not late
2007-09-23 martin f. krafftfix OURDATE
2007-09-23 martin f. krafftreuse BIN_DATE variable and slight reorg
2007-09-23 martin f. krafftadd common delay vars
2007-09-23 martin f. krafftfix up ourdate variables
2007-09-23 martin f. krafftpostpone delaying and fix resubmission
2007-09-23 martin f. krafftextract headers early, also tickle-delivered, and clean...
2007-09-23 martin f. krafftfirst implementation of delayed queue
2007-09-23 martin f. krafftmove sqlite var to defines
2007-09-23 martin f. krafftuse queue postfix on variables
2007-09-23 martin f. krafftadd tickler and delay locations
2007-09-23 martin f. krafftadd RE_NOT_SPACE variable
2007-09-23 martin f. krafftadd RE_SPACE variable
2007-09-23 martin f. krafftadd DEST to defines
2007-09-23 martin f. krafftdelete X-Trained-As header after storing value in variable
2007-08-28 martin f. krafftlower max msg size limit for spamfilter to 512k, the...
2007-08-21 martin f. krafftuse UTF-8 CTYPE
2007-08-17 martin f. krafftMerge branch 'no-more-albatross'
2007-08-17 martin f. krafftadd dejavu header at the end
2007-08-17 martin f. krafftwrite justme headers at the end
2007-08-17 martin f. krafftrename marknew to dejavu
2007-08-17 martin f. krafftremove all references to albatross, which we do not...
2007-08-17 martin f. krafftuse long option names for clarity
2007-08-15 martin f. krafftrename INBOX to BASE
2007-08-15 martin f. krafftrename INBOX to BASE
2007-08-14 martin f. krafftfix timestamp in OURDATE
2007-08-14 martin f. kraffttry to use deliver, but failed
2007-08-14 martin f. krafftswitch to using spamc
2007-08-13 martin f. krafftalso match *.*.*.madduck.net ans so on as mydomains
2007-08-13 martin f. krafftrename OLD_MESSAGE to REPROC_MESSAGE
2007-08-09 martin f. krafftonly retrain spamtrapped ham
2007-08-09 martin f. krafftinitial checkin