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add dallarmi abbrevs
[etc/vim.git] / .vimrc
2022-09-01 martin f. krafftadd dallarmi abbrevs master
2022-02-03 martin f. krafftultisnips listing with q
2022-02-03 martin f. krafftRevert "Move iabs to UltiSnips"
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftuse artesanal colour scheme
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftMerge commit '907d4569b0384e76f9e3ca4a6a7ee917712c031d...
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftEnable YCM
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftBetter map for funky arrow
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftRemove airline config
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftRemove unused navigation maps
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftWhatHighlight syntax analysis
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftDo not use special navigation for wrap mode
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftHandle #. formatted lists in &flp
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftAdd '.vim/bundle/black/' from commit '2f3fa1f6d0cbc2a3f...
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftAdd '.vim/bundle/vim-python-pep8-indent/' from commit...
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftAdd '.vim/bundle/vim-flake8/' from commit 'ddceec6c457f...
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftMove iabs to UltiSnips
2021-10-14 martin f. krafftconfigure ultisnips
2020-04-20 martin f. krafftAdd '.vim/bundle/vim-artesanal/' from commit '18e572e03...
2020-03-28 martin f. krafftMove netrw working files to vardir
2020-01-26 martin f. krafftAdd '.vim/bundle/vim-markdown/' from commit 'da5a7ac96f...
2020-01-26 martin f. krafftadd upside down arrow iab
2019-09-17 martin f. krafftlimit numeric lists to four digits
2019-08-10 martin f. krafftfail softly if pathogen is not installed
2019-03-23 martin f. krafftfix numbered line formatting
2019-03-06 martin f. krafftRevert "vcards now properly identified"
2019-02-27 martin f. krafftremove tab from flp
2019-02-24 martin f. krafftAdd '.vim/bundle/explainpat/' from commit '8b7939ff8676...
2019-02-24 martin f. krafftAdd '.vim/bundle/password-store/' from commit 'dc759ab3...
2019-02-24 martin f. krafftenable airline
2019-02-24 martin f. krafftenable pathogen
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftremove obsolete mappings and stuff
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftencapsulate local settings in cpo
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftvcards now properly identified
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftvimperator/pentadactyl no longer used
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftremove last position in favour of plugin
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftremove logcheck autocmds
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftversion check obsoleted
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftremove modeline that is no longer needed
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftfix format list pattern
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftutf8 is default
2019-01-09 martin f. krafftremove snippets
2019-01-09 martin f. krafftenable format_flowed support
2018-12-19 martin f. krafftnumbered list regexp improvements
2017-10-18 martin f. krafftextend flp to work on itemised lists too
2017-03-16 martin f. krafftswitch vimperator hook to pentadactyl
2017-03-16 martin f. krafftenhanced viminfo
2013-08-23 martin f. krafftdefault to posix sh syntax
2012-06-20 martin f. krafftadd addr abbreviations
2012-06-20 martin f. krafftadd uuid autogen for vcards
2011-03-01 martin f. krafftenumerations really will not be three digits
2011-02-18 martin f. krafftimprove numbered list formatting regexp
2011-02-18 martin f. krafftnew iabs
2010-10-13 martin f. krafftmore greetings abbreviations
2010-09-28 martin f. krafftdisable syncing of swapfile updates
2010-09-28 martin f. krafftadd sghn alias
2010-03-03 martin f. krafftset tw=0 for vidir files
2010-03-03 martin f. krafftdisable idle mark
2010-01-05 martin f. krafftadd hack to keep copy of vimperator ctrl-i buffer
2009-09-05 martin f. krafftmerge words
2009-09-05 martin f. krafftdisable marking on idle in insert mode
2009-08-22 martin f. krafftset marks on save and idle
2009-08-22 martin f. krafftincrease updatetime to 10s
2009-08-22 martin f. krafftuse last-position-jump as example
2009-08-22 martin f. krafftadd [{ and ]} as normal motion commands
2009-08-04 martin f. krafftonly flag trailing spaces as errors when not inserting
2009-07-07 martin f. krafftiab to hyphenate e-mail
2009-07-07 martin f. krafftflag trailing spaces as errors
2009-03-01 martin f. krafftMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2009-02-10 martin f. krafftdisable supertab by default, enable it only for mail
2008-12-09 martin f. krafftMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-12-07 martin f. krafftmake marker folds default
2008-12-06 martin f. krafftrequire a symbol after numbers to make them lists
2008-11-22 martin f. krafftMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2008-11-22 martin f. krafftwrap lines with horiz movement keys
2008-10-30 martin f. krafftproperly source at the end only
2008-10-29 martin f. krafftadd table plugin
2008-05-19 martin f. krafftuse tmpdir var for setting dir
2008-05-17 martin f. krafftfire off git commit diff split in ftplugin
2008-05-17 martin f. krafftnavigate wrapped lines properly
2008-05-17 martin f. krafftdisable linebreak due to list/nolist autocmd
2008-05-14 martin f. krafftfix cmdline complation
2008-05-08 martin f. krafftuse VARDIR instead of VAR
2008-05-05 martin f. krafftadd comment about nosplitbelow and git-config
2008-05-05 martin f. krafftproperly work with tpope' vim-git
2007-10-31 martin f. krafftleader-/ now unhighlights search
2007-10-22 martin f. krafftfix fix-spaces keybinding
2007-10-22 martin f. krafftpi patch is 073
2007-10-22 martin f. krafftadd shortcuts for fixing fake tabs/spaces
2007-10-22 martin f. krafftset leaders to ;
2007-10-22 martin f. krafftreenable F1 override
2007-10-22 martin f. krafftworkaround for #446268
2007-10-22 martin f. krafftfix rtp
2007-09-14 martin f. krafftremove rtp changes
2007-09-14 martin f. krafftinitial checkin