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2022-02-06 martin f. krafftremove thunar shortcut
2022-02-06 martin f. krafftPython3 for mod3-y
2022-02-06 martin f. krafftAbility to name new tags
2022-02-06 martin f. krafftfix catalyst head matcher
2022-02-06 martin f. krafftmosh v6 for irc
2022-02-06 martin f. krafftfix currency exchange rates
2020-03-10 martin f. krafftdefault clients to non-floating
2020-03-10 martin f. krafftunify apps getting their own temporary tag
2020-03-10 martin f. krafftremove old matches
2020-03-10 martin f. krafftthunderbird/firefox case-insensitive class matching
2020-03-10 martin f. krafftsuspend key
2020-03-10 martin f. kraffttarget updates
2020-03-10 martin f. krafftmatch targets by pattern
2019-11-06 martin f. krafftmake new tags maximised (fixes new tag properties)
2019-11-02 martin f. krafftswitch to new awful.widgets.watch from lain
2019-11-02 martin f. krafftMerge commit '33c0e0c2360a04fcc6f51bccb0ad2a7a9e9c07b3'
2019-10-31 martin f. krafftcmd+BackSpace triggers offlineimap
2019-10-31 martin f. krafftwrite gitignore file
2019-09-17 martin f. krafftspecial mutt handling for filing
2019-09-17 martin f. krafftmanipulate default sink with audio commands
2019-09-17 martin f. krafftkeybinding shortcut updates
2019-09-17 martin f. krafftnew catalyst heads
2019-09-17 martin f. krafftno screen name in salvaged tab notification
2019-09-17 martin f. krafftshow widgets on all screens
2019-09-17 martin f. krafftremove debug output
2019-08-27 Luca Capezzutoreadme updated
2019-08-27 Luca Capezzutowidget.temp: reset path to /sys/devices; closes #441
2019-08-15 martin f. krafftadd forex widgets
2019-08-12 Luca Capezzutoapply #439 to alsabar as well
2019-08-12 Luca CPZMerge pull request #439 from gregflynn/201908_gf_custom...
2019-08-12 Luca Capezzutoalsabar: added argument for maximum number of ticks...
2019-08-10 Greg Flynnadd arg for none in pulsebar notification
2019-08-10 Greg Flynnadd configuration arguments for pulsebar notification...
2019-06-28 Luca CPZMerge pull request #435 from razamatan/master
2019-06-28 razamatanpulsebar: use devicetype and device instead of sink...
2019-05-29 Luca Capezzutowidget.temp: re-add tempfile argument (#432), but keep...
2019-05-27 Luca Capezzutowidget.temp: autodetect tempfiles; closes #431
2019-05-13 Luca CPZMerge pull request #430 from trap000d/weather_widget
2019-05-12 Aleksandr BeliaevWeather status icon fix
2019-04-28 Azarymwidget.cal: set length of day names to 3; closes #426
2019-04-11 Luca Capezzutowidget.fs: notification: right-justify columns 2-4...
2019-04-09 Luca Capezzutowidget.fs: fixed first column formatting adjustment...
2019-04-09 methodical... widget.cal: added option for displaying week numbers
2019-04-08 Luca Capezzuto#424: assert that timeout seconds in every naughty...
2019-02-14 Luca CPZMerge pull request #420 from sim590/unpack-lua51-compat
2019-02-13 Simon Désaulniersutil/menu_iterator: unpack retro compatibility
2019-01-14 Luca CPZMerge pull request #418 from cool-cool-sweat/full_notify
2019-01-12 cool-cool-sweatbat: allow disabling notification for full charge
2018-12-30 Luca CPZwidget.fs: fix notification check, add threshold parame...
2018-12-29 martin f. krafftmake pdfshuffler floating
2018-12-29 martin f. krafftmore xmms2 integration
2018-12-29 martin f. krafftautorandr shortcut
2018-12-29 martin f. krafftadd gauting setup
2018-12-21 Luca CPZMerge branch 'master' of github.com:lcpz/lain
2018-12-07 martin f. krafftfix profile matching
2018-12-01 lcpztp_smapi: correct default apipath
2018-12-01 lcpzutil.quake: revert previous commit; closes #415
2018-12-01 Luca CPZMerge pull request #416 from BarbUk/fix/tp_smapi
2018-12-01 BarbUktp_smapi.get need a batid param
2018-12-01 BarbUkInclude wibox
2018-12-01 BarbUkRename smapi to ts_smapi
2018-11-28 lcpzAPI change: lain.widget.contrib.tpbat has been rewritte...
2018-11-28 lcpzwiki updated
2018-11-28 Luca CPZMerge pull request #413 from seregaxvm/master
2018-11-28 Matsievskiy S.Vfix imap notifications
2018-11-24 lcpzlain.imap: various improvements
2018-11-15 lcpzwidget.cal: fix calendar icons not displaying; closes...
2018-11-14 Luca CPZMerge pull request #409 from seregaxvm/gap
2018-11-10 sergeyadd screen and tag arguments to useless_gaps_resize...
2018-11-05 Greg Flynnallow separator colors to be updated
2018-11-04 Greg Flynnfix paddings always being the margins in pulsebar
2018-10-30 lcpz{alsa,pulse}bar: added margins/paddings args
2018-10-28 Luca CPZutil.markup: fixed typos
2018-09-15 Luca CPZutil.markup: fixed typos
2018-09-14 Luca CPZwidget.cal: add options for displaying 3 months spannin...
2018-09-14 Luca CPZwidget.calendar reimplemented and renamed to widget...
2018-09-11 martin f. krafftfix positioning of certain modal apps
2018-09-11 martin f. krafftnew layouts
2018-09-06 Luca CPZwidget.calendar: some cleaning; #379
2018-08-31 Luca CPZwidget.imap: ensure mailcount is not nil before notifyi...
2018-08-30 Luca CPZwidget.imap: ensure to get unseen messages; #400
2018-08-07 Luca CPZwidget.contrib.kbdlayout removed, please use awful...
2018-08-05 Luca CPZMerge pull request #398 from BarbUk/feature/tpbat/confi...
2018-08-05 BarbUkConfigurable battery thresholds for tpbat
2018-08-01 Luca CPZwiki updated
2018-08-01 Luca CPZwidget.bat: put {batteries,ac} back to local
2018-07-31 Luca CPZwidget.bat: fixed ac variable; improved autodetection...
2018-07-31 Luca CPZwidget.bat: add failsafe AC
2018-07-26 Luca CPZwidget.bat: move fallback ac to autodetection function
2018-07-25 Luca CPZwidget.bat: autodetection function; closes #340 #389
2018-07-20 Luca CPZcenterwork: remove capi reference
2018-07-20 Luca CPZcenterwork: mouse_resize_handler added; #395
2018-07-20 Luca CPZMerge pull request #396 from BarbUk/icons/calendar...
2018-07-20 BarbUkcalendar black icons
2018-06-17 martin f. krafftadd lehel layout for tags
2018-06-17 martin f. krafftround time data for maths operations
2018-04-04 martin f. krafftfix completion for run prompt
2018-03-30 Luca CPZMerge pull request #391 from aajjbb/fix-rockspec
2018-03-30 aajjbbupdating lain rockspec to follow new luarocks standards
2018-03-14 Luca CPZwidget.fs: adjust spacing in notifications when there...