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2020-04-14 martin f. krafftdirectly compare server CA master
2019-11-18 martin f. krafftAdd 'code/taskwarrior/tasklib/' from commit '9a7dac4599...
2019-11-01 martin f. krafftdisable task filtering for certain commands
2019-11-01 martin f. krafftignore shift-recurrence files
2019-11-01 martin f. krafftinclude server and generic auth config in main config
2019-05-27 Rob Golding-DayMerge branch 'develop'
2019-05-27 Rob Golding-DayBump version for 1.2.1 release
2019-05-27 Rob GoldingMerge pull request #65 from huntrar/develop
2019-05-24 Hunter HammondTests for depends using LazyUUIDTaskSet
2019-05-23 Hunter HammondHandle non-iterable (NoneType) comparison in LazyUUIDTa...
2019-05-13 Rob Golding-DayMerge branch 'develop'
2019-05-13 Rob Golding-DayBump version for 1.2.0 release
2019-05-13 Rob GoldingMerge pull request #63 from robgolding/custom-task...
2019-05-13 Rob Golding-DayDon't run `_get_version` when testing custom command
2019-05-13 Rob Golding-DayUse `TASKRC` env var to set taskrc file location
2019-05-06 Rob Golding-DayFix TW Git location in `.travis.yml`
2019-05-06 Rob Golding-DayAdd support for custom `task` location or command
2019-05-01 martin f. kraffttask postponement helper
2019-05-01 martin f. krafftfixup last commit
2019-05-01 martin f. krafftlet tasks be selected even if they are not $1
2019-05-01 martin f. krafftsort low prio tasks at the bottom
2019-03-26 martin f. krafftcolouring and wweight improvements
2019-03-26 martin f. krafftuse neomutt for notmuch integration if available
2019-03-26 martin f. krafftexec viewer
2019-03-26 martin f. krafftfix task_attach link parsing
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftturn on recurrence when syncing
2019-02-21 martin f. krafftremove next, add waiting alias
2019-01-31 martin f. krafftfix msgid loading in mutt
2019-01-31 martin f. krafftinvoke task not with full path
2019-01-31 martin f. krafftAdd '.config/taskwarrior/hooks/task.shift-recurrence...
2019-01-31 martin f. krafftProvide wrapper script for task
2019-01-31 martin f. krafftLink taskpirate default hooks
2019-01-31 martin f. krafftAdd '.config/taskwarrior/taskpirate/' from commit ...
2019-01-31 martin f. krafftrun at most once every 5 minutes
2019-01-31 martin f. krafftmisc configuration changes
2019-01-31 martin f. krafftadd support for attaching/calling extdata
2018-11-27 Rob GoldingMerge pull request #59 from bergercookie/develop
2018-11-26 Nikos KoukisCorrect code snippet in README
2018-03-11 martin f. krafftshortcut for starting tasks
2018-03-01 martin f. krafftupdate header comment
2018-03-01 martin f. krafftrewrite to use run_at_most_every
2018-03-01 martin f. krafftenable colour on shell hook
2018-03-01 martin f. krafftmore aliases
2018-02-28 martin f. krafftenable colours and see how we go
2018-02-28 martin f. krafftprint task output on shell start only once every 30s
2018-02-28 martin f. krafftInitial commit
2018-02-26 Rob GoldingMerge pull request #54 from nesaro/removes_warning
2018-02-25 Nestor Arocharemoves test warning
2018-02-22 Rob GoldingMerge pull request #52 from robgolding/revert-51-patch-1
2018-02-22 Rob GoldingRevert "Removes redundant definition"
2018-02-20 Rob GoldingMerge pull request #51 from nesaro/patch-1
2018-02-20 Nestor ArochaRemoves redundant definition
2018-01-26 Rob GoldingMerge pull request #49 from lyz-code/improve/update...
2018-01-26 LyzAdded some directories to .gitignore
2018-01-18 Rob GoldingMerge pull request #46 from lyz-code/fix/pep8-guidelines
2018-01-17 Lyz* Fix multiple PEP8 lint errors
2018-01-08 Lyz[fix] small fix to rebuild
2018-01-02 Rob GoldingMerge pull request #47 from robgolding/fix-task-repo...
2017-11-10 Rob GoldingDon't test with taskwarrior 2.6.0
2017-10-26 Rob GoldingUpdate task warrior repo location
2017-10-25 Lyz[fix] follow pep8 guidelines
2017-03-10 Tomas BabejMerge pull request #4 from thawk/master
2017-03-10 thawkUse python in current environment instead of /usr/bin...
2017-01-20 Rob GoldingMerge branch 'release/1.1.0' into develop
2017-01-20 Rob GoldingMerge branch 'release/1.1.0'
2017-01-20 Rob GoldingBump version for 1.1.0 release
2017-01-08 Tomas Babejtests: Replace key with different config keys that...
2017-01-08 Tomas Babejbackend: Allow single character config values
2017-01-07 Tomas Babejtravis: Speed up and support testing with libshared...
2017-01-07 Tomas Babejtravis: Test with Python 3.6
2017-01-07 Tomas Babejbackend: Do not assume that all command arguments are...
2017-01-07 Tomas Babejbackend: When task returns non-zero return code, includ...
2017-01-07 Tomas Babejbackend: Support utf-8 command line arguments
2017-01-07 Tomas BabejLICENCE: Update copyright
2017-01-01 Tomas BabejLICENCE: Update copyright
2017-01-01 Tomas BabejRather than restricting to python2, make code python3...
2016-07-08 Tomas Babejtests: Add tests for unequality of hashes of different...
2016-05-23 Tomas Babejbackends: Do not perform field deletion for new tasks
2016-05-23 Tomas Babejtests: Expand test suite with tests for recurring nativ...
2016-05-23 Tomas BabejTaskQuerySet: Add recurring native filter
2016-05-23 Tomas BabejTask: Add recurring property
2016-05-23 Tomas Babejtests: Do not use string-based dates for compatibility...
2016-05-23 Tomas Babejtests: Cover deleted and waiting native queryset filters
2016-05-23 Tomas BabejTaskQuerySet: Extend native filters with deleted and...
2016-05-22 Tomas Babejtests: Expand test suite with tests for inequality...
2016-05-22 Tomas BabejMerge pull request #45 from sarg/develop
2016-05-20 Sergey Trofimovincrease coverage
2016-05-20 Sergey Trofimovadd __ne__ methods for python2 compatibility
2016-04-26 Tomas Babejtravis: Test with TW 2.6.0
2016-03-14 Rob GoldingMerge branch 'release/1.0.0'
2016-03-14 Tomas BabejMerge pull request #44 from robgolding63/release/1.0.0
2016-03-14 Rob GoldingLoosen the version requirement for six
2016-03-14 Rob GoldingBump version for 1.0.0 release
2016-02-18 Tomas BabejMerge pull request #4 from subsetpark/master
2016-02-17 Zach SmithGet task by ['parent']['uuid']
2016-02-13 Rob GoldingMerge branch 'release/0.12.1' into develop
2016-02-13 Rob GoldingMerge branch 'release/0.12.1'
2016-02-13 Rob GoldingBump version for 0.12.1 release
2016-02-13 Rob GoldingMerge pull request #42 from robgolding63/issue-41-fix
2016-02-10 Rob GoldingAdd test for recurring task import error