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2018-07-31 Luca CPZwidget.bat: add failsafe AC
2018-07-26 Luca CPZwidget.bat: move fallback ac to autodetection function
2018-07-25 Luca CPZwidget.bat: autodetection function; closes #340 #389
2018-07-20 Luca CPZcenterwork: remove capi reference
2018-07-20 Luca CPZcenterwork: mouse_resize_handler added; #395
2018-07-20 Luca CPZMerge pull request #396 from BarbUk/icons/calendar...
2018-07-20 BarbUkcalendar black icons
2018-06-17 martin f. krafftadd lehel layout for tags
2018-06-17 martin f. krafftround time data for maths operations
2018-04-04 martin f. krafftfix completion for run prompt
2018-03-30 Luca CPZMerge pull request #391 from aajjbb/fix-rockspec
2018-03-30 aajjbbupdating lain rockspec to follow new luarocks standards
2018-03-14 Luca CPZwidget.fs: adjust spacing in notifications when there...
2018-03-09 martin f. krafftdisable rules for UI clients for now
2018-02-28 Luca CPZwiki updated
2018-02-27 martin f. krafftonly move mouse pointer if target client will be visibl...
2018-02-27 martin f. kraffttaghelper module refactoring fixes
2018-02-27 martin f. krafftparametrise spacer "widget"
2018-02-27 martin f. krafftMove mouse pointer to area only if not already within
2018-02-25 Luca CPZwidget.fs: assure that each processed partition has...
2018-02-25 martin f. krafftmassive refactor for autorandr and other stuff
2018-02-23 Luca CPZhelpers: improved i/o functions
2018-02-22 Kyra Zimmerutil.quake: check if client exists when moving it to...
2018-02-22 martin f. krafftmove battery widget to better context
2018-02-22 martin f. krafftfactor out clocksarray to separate module
2018-02-22 martin f. krafftre-add eth widget
2018-02-22 martin f. krafftfactor cryptowidgets into separate module
2018-02-22 martin f. krafftrevert to upstream set of layouts
2018-02-22 martin f. krafftimport debian/upstream rc.lua changes
2018-02-22 martin f. krafftfactor out sorted_table helper function
2018-02-22 martin f. krafftfont experiments
2018-02-17 Luca CPZ{alsa,pulse}bar: fallback for mywibox variable; closes...
2018-02-17 Luca CPZutil.menu_iterator: cleaned indentation; added wiki...
2018-02-17 Luca CPZMerge pull request #377 from sim590/menu-iterator
2018-02-16 Simon Désaulniersmenu_iterator: generic menu creator function
2018-02-16 Simon Désaulniershelpers: powerset and trivial_partition_set
2018-02-16 Simon Désaulniersmenu_iterator: naughty.notify based menu utility
2018-02-16 Luca CPZ{alsa,pulse}bar: consider wibar orientation when calcul...
2018-02-16 Luca CPZfs: pure Gio implementation; #272
2018-02-15 Luca CPZlayout.centerwork: improved code
2018-02-15 Aleksandr BeliaevWeather widget rewritten; first authorship updated
2018-02-13 martin f. krafftreorder clocks and always show local timezone
2018-02-12 martin f. krafftmake variables local
2018-02-12 martin f. krafftRemove clocks printf debugging
2018-02-12 martin f. krafftnicer spacer
2018-02-12 martin f. krafftGlobetrotter clock display
2018-02-12 martin f. krafftdo not set floating for urxvt
2018-02-12 martin f. krafftsymlink luatz into search path
2018-02-12 martin f. krafftAdd '.config/awesome/modules/luatz/' from commit 'bdbbf...
2018-01-23 Luca CPZbat: notify full only once before discharging
2018-01-23 Luca CPZMerge branch 'cool-cool-sweat-master'
2018-01-23 cool-cool-sweatbat.lua: add notification for full charge
2018-01-23 cool-cool-sweatnet.lua: support wifi/ethernet connection indicators
2018-01-23 Luca CPZMerge pull request #381 from cool-cool-sweat/helpers...
2018-01-23 cool-cool-sweatAdd line_callback and edit async helpers
2018-01-14 martin f. krafftappend clients to the end of the list instead of making...
2018-01-14 martin f. krafftadd freedesktop menu
2017-12-19 Luca CPZhelpers: async_with_shell added
2017-12-15 Luca CPZMerge branch 'alfunx-calendar-rm-newline'
2017-12-15 Alphonse Mariyacalendar: remove trailing newlines of output
2017-12-09 Luca CPZMerge pull request #371 from medivhok/master
2017-12-09 Jean Gregoryadded awful library require
2017-12-09 daurnimatordoc/ Fix internal link
2017-12-09 daurnimatorMerge tag 'v0.4'
2017-12-09 daurnimatorRelease v0.4
2017-12-09 daurnimatorWhitespace removal
2017-12-09 daurnimatorspec/timetable_spec.lua: Add more test cases for negati...
2017-12-06 Add coveralls badge
2017-12-06 daurnimator.gitignore: add compiled docs
2017-12-06 daurnimatorluatz-scm-0.rockspec: license is not MIT/X11 variant
2017-12-06 daurnimatorCOPYING: Update year
2017-12-06 daurnimatorluatz/parse.lua: Pass base to tonumber explicitly
2017-12-06 daurnimatorMove to consistent whitespace style
2017-12-06 daurnimatorexamples/date_arithmetic.lua: Remove unused c2 var
2017-12-06 daurnimatorluatz/timetable.lua: Remove unused year_length function
2017-12-06 daurnimatorluatz/timetable.lua: Fix incorrect normalisation logic...
2017-10-05 Luke Bonhampulseaudio -> pulse; scallback merged into cmd (read...
2017-09-26 martin f. krafftfloat gxmessage
2017-09-26 martin f. krafftfix maximisation
2017-09-13 Luke BonhamMerge pull request #362 from 2009/fix/pulse-sink
2017-09-13 Justin EndacottMerge branch 'master' of
2017-09-13 Justin EndacottAdd devicetype to pulsbar to match pulseaudio and updat...
2017-09-11 Aleksandr BeliaevWeather widget working without utc_offset
2017-09-05 Luke Bonhamquake: iterate on all screens; #339
2017-09-05 Luke Bonhamutil.quake: removed onlyone parameters; wiki updated...
2017-09-04 Luke Bonhamremoved whitespaced signatures; wiki updated
2017-08-29 Luke Bonhamrevert a5b05fa; #310
2017-08-28 Luke BonhamMerge pull request #359 from rohieb/mpd-port-from-envir...
2017-08-28 Roland Hiebermpd: respect MPD_HOST and MPD_PORT environment variables
2017-08-27 martin f. krafftdo not detach remote mosh sessions
2017-08-25 Luke Bonham{alsa,pulse}bar: show percentage even when muted
2017-08-24 Luke Bonhamweather: set UTC directly #310
2017-08-18 Luke Bonhamoptimised PNGs
2017-08-18 Nick Diego... task widget: Check if mouse is still over attached...
2017-08-14 Luke Bonhamwidget.contrib.gpmdp: moved to awesome-www recipes...
2017-07-25 Luke Bonhamimap: add notify option to disable notifications (read...
2017-07-25 Luke Bonhamweather: added showpopup option; closes #352
2017-07-21 Luke Bonhamremove old screenshots
2017-07-21 Luke Bonhamcalendar: let ability to disable icon (see notes sectio...
2017-07-15 Luke Bonhamwidget.contrib.task: use shell for spawn_cmd, set title...